Today's lesson

The Republicans are fast learning their lesson. Grover Norquist is becoming inconsequential. The Republican House is designing an immigration policy and there is a move to take women's personal reproductive issues off the official platform. They have gotten America's message.

Into reality

I know the utopians are tax, tax, tax and spend, spend, spend. We are lucky that we have congressmen that understand reality, and we need drastic tax cuts or we will end up like Greece.

Believe it!

You may not believe what I am telling you, but I worked in Pennsylvania and another state. Judges and Supreme Court judges were all crooked. What do you think of that? This is years ago, and I am retired about 20-some years. I worked for the post office. Frog's take: Luzerne County by chance?

Good Samaritan

I am calling to wish a very Merry Christmas and a thank you to the gentleman at the Wal-mart in Coal Township who over the Thanksgiving holiday saw me in line buying a bunch of clothing for a needy family and decided to offer to pay for a portion of the children's clothing and toys. He was a complete stranger, but I just thought that it should be recognized. I hope he sees this article and knows how appreciative these needy children are.

Old tricks

I guess Obama is trying the old tricks he usually tries. He is trying to get us to raise taxes, and he will do spending cuts later on.

Keep on truckin'

It is great to watch all the tri-axle traffic on Market Street and Bear Valley Avenue in recent years. This means jobs are available and men are working. PPL's contract fly ash hauls now have much better tarping setups, resulting in dramatically less dust to clean. Now if we could get Shamokin Filler trucks to obey the truck brake retarder laws, those streets would be quieter as well. I think a few more routine police patrols would certainly help.

Weis service

Monday I was in the Weis at the Anthra Plaza. I had just checked out and was going to play the claw game to get something for my 2 year old, but my dollar became stuck and the manager tried fixing it but couldn't. He initially told me to go to customer service, but seeing my toddler was getting agitated, he gave me four of his own quarters and even put 50 cents in the machine for a game. Thank you! It's times like these that remind me there are still kind people around.

Impeachment time

I think it's time for the citizens of Northumberland County to impeach Clausi and Bridy. They're costing the taxpayers way too much money.