Best is out

I couldn't agree more with the comment about the new football coach and the candidates. They eliminated the best guy from the top three and we all know who that is.

Go for Geist

Talking about the football team at Shamokin Area High School, I think they should go for the North Schuylkill coach, not the other two. Let's get a good coach for these kids. They want a good coach.

Not enough time

Inmates at SCI-Coal Township get more visiting hours than we do on Raspberry Hill. Merry Christmas to us.

The few ...

The Tea Party in the House of Representatives will not do anything for all of the American people because they want things for just a few of the American people.

A reminder

I'm a Sunbury caller and I get the Shamokin paper. In regards to the call about Penn State not playing in a bowl game, they're forbidden from being in a bowl game this year, if you didn't know that, because of the Sandusky mess.

How could you?

I can't believe anyone in our community would actually call Sound Off and say let China worry about China just because children died and weren't in school over there. You're obviously not a religious person. You're obviously somebody who doesn't care. You're obviously somebody who's not a parent. As a Catholic, I could never say that.

Equal opportunity

First, I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Second, I would also like to know why some people can get away with so much illegal stuff and other people, the cops are ready to get them in a heartbeat. I think everybody should have equal opportunity of getting in trouble.

Don't privatize

Pennsylvania has a good thing going for it with the Lottery and the casinos, which Gov. Corbett wants to privatize. I think he should be impeached or recalled. It's going to hurt a lot of people if they sell it. Frog's take: Why does everyone want to impeach every public official they don't agree with?

Well guarded

I'd just like to say that the school that the Obama children attend has 11 armed guards on the premises.

Outdoor closets

A Mount Carmel Borough official on a committee to set the rules for landlords should start at his own front and back porches. He has the original outdoor closets, full of junk.

Ignorant dog owners

The gentleman from Mount Carmel who wrote that letter about barking dogs at his end of town - well, it's not only in your end of town, buddy. In the West Second Street area, we have the same ignorant dog owners here. You have ignorant dog owners all over.

Stop the barking

I, too, am a resident of the Mid-Rise, and I am so happy we finally got a letter in the paper about the dogs here in the alley behind the building. The police should sit over here in this alley and listen to these dogs. This is a daily - daily - thing we have to put up with. These owners should be cited for this. We would greatly appreciate some help for a change.

The right coach

Attention Shamokin Area School Board: What does playing at Penn State have to do with coaching high school football? Apparently nothing. The guy's record was 8-12 at Halifax. Try hiring the right coach, an experienced coach who has won a state championship and has coached at the college level, and whose defense didn't give up 330 points in 10 games last year.

Drink to the troops

Hip, hip, hurray. They raised the fine for underage drinking to $1,000. That's really great. Can you imagine one of our boys coming home from Afghanistan, 19 years old, and decides to have a drink and he gets arrested and a $1,000 fine after defending our country? Police have been using this as an indirect tax for years. Frog's take: The argument of serving in war at 18 but not getting served until 21 is a good one, but police don't make the laws, they enforce them.