End of it all

I think we are coming to the end of our rope in this world. Even in Utah, where the Mormon church presides, a federal judge struck down the ban on same-sex marriage. I see where the Canadian high court struck down the anti-prostitution laws because of a lawsuit brought by only three women.

Free parking

Isn't it surprising? We're the only small town in the area that does not have free Christmas parking. You want us to shop in downtown Shamokin? It's easier to go to Walmart, where there is free parking. If I was a local merchant, I would be complaining.

Pool problems

I am sorry to read that Mount Carmel will close its pool. This is another reason to keep open the Shamokin pool. They can use ours. Not everyone can have a pool in their yard, and not everyone can drive to Knoebels. Have some events that will bring people to the pool.


The cops in Shamokin ruined it on themselves. The informants do all the work, so why do they need so many cops? Frog's take: No offense, caller, but that comment makes no sense whatsoever.

The last nail?

I am calling about the police officers getting laid off. I think Shamokin just put the last nail in its coffin.

Police needed

The city certainly cannot afford to lay off police officers. The two special officers, yes, but with the influx of people moving here from outside the area, we need our police more than ever.

Farm country

Cleveland Township people need to realize that when they leave the city for the country, they cannot bring the city with them. It is farm country out here.

Regional police

I have one question: Why is it any time a municipality is in financial trouble, the first thing that goes is public safety and the police department? The city of Shamokin needs to look at other ways to cut costs. Here's an idea. Why doesn't someone put together a feasibility study to make a regional police force between Mount Carmel Borough, Mount Carmel Township, Kulpmont, Coal Township and Shamokin? It's a great idea, don't you think? Frog's take: Don't you think cops would lose their jobs if there's a regional force?

Code enforcement

I think instead of cutting back on the police force, why do they have two code guys? I think they are cutting corners in the wrong places. The officers are needed.

Christmas advice

I am the one who used to call and give my love to everyone. It's been a while because I have been ill. But I wanted to extend the same amount of love this holy season to everyone. Can we please speak kindly about our neighbors and the people we work with? Make an effort to be kind and civil. Just think of the way the baby Jesus would want us to act. God bless all.

Hello Scrooge

All I want for Christmas is no dogs, no cats and no kids.

Why now?

Hey, Frog, what is it about Christmas that causes people to lose their grip on reality?

A suggestion

I think it's just awful they are cutting back on the police. With the crime rate being up and the drug problems we have in the area, they should just get rid of Bartos, and they will save themselves $9,000 a year.