All ends

I love how our elected state officials, including the governor, voted not to tax the natural gas drillers when they came into our great state, but they did vote in favor of taxing every citizen of Pennsylvania with the new gas tax. We get it from all ends.

Feel bad hit

I am calling about the tax raise in Kulpmont. For the little bit of people that live in Kulpmont, and most of them are old and on fixed incomes, where are they going to get the money to pay these extra taxes. I feel bad for them.

Gotham City

As a taxpayer in the corrupt City of Shamokin I am calling for all of city council to resign. Even the newly elected mayor Milbrand. He was a councilman for four years and he admits in the paper not what is going on in the corrupt City of Shamokin. Mr. Haddock, I do not accept your apology for not doing your job. You should also resign. Mr. Rhoades, you have been a councilman for over 20 years and did nothing. You must go. We need an FBI investigation into where all the money went and the corruption in the City of Shamokin.

Not right

With regard to girls wrestling boys, it is not about the challenge, it is not about physical ability, it is the inappropriateness for adolescent boys and girls groping each other. It is not right, it never was right and political correctness will never make it all right.

Very festive

This just a comment on the grotto at Mother Cabrini. Whoever decorated it for the Christmas holiday did an outstanding job. It is very festive and it makes me smile when I drive by.

No see TV

I just watched a two hour movie on TV and I used a stopwatch to time the commercials and the movie. Do you know that the commercials lasted 17 minutes longer than the movie did? I don't know how commercials affect other people, but when something interrupts my TV watching I boycott that product.

He is real

I just want the people to know the nice job that the Trevorton Fire Company did today. I live in Gowen City and they brought a meal over to my home and everybody over here for the older people. I want you to know that Santa Claus is real.

Snow no-show

I am a resident over here in "God's waiting room," The Harold E. Thomas High Rise and what I don't understand is every time it snows on the weekend nobody comes in to shovel the snow. This place is loaded with senior citizens that rely on walkers and canes and that makes it harder for them to get around, to even get out.

Common ground

I have been a Cowboys fan since 1965 and right now I am about sick of them. My best friend is an Eagles fan so I think, maybe for his sake, root for the Eagles a little bit. I can't stand the Eagles, but for his sake. How about that? That is a friend, ain't it? Frog's take: It depends on who is buying the beer.

Winter is coming

It is obvious this is going to be a bad winter and Saturday was a real impending snowstorm, not like last Tuesday's called-for-one-inch-with-a-sunny-afternoon. The storm was for the east coast and not our area, so why the unnecessary snow day when it is long way until April?

Lost and forgotten

Unfortunately at Christmas time peace on Earth and good will toward men is forgotten.