Strong building

I'm 62 years old and I remember the comfort station on Market Street never being a problem. It was never a danger to the railroad trains that came through town. In fact, sometimes the guys on the locomotive would stop the trains and use the station when they were hauling freight in and out of the city. It would be a real shame to destroy such a strongly built building just for convenience sake.


They are going to take away the tattoo parlor by eminent domain? How awful! Oh, no!

Strange times

The story on Monday's front page about the two state representatives that are trying to get legislation passed that would ban sexual orientation conversion therapy is completely understandable. They both look more strange than seventeen dollar bills themselves.

Instant karma

In response to "Come together," I am a firm believer that whoever wants to help that man should do so. I am a firm believer in karma. I am a firm believer in what comes around, goes around. Help that man in Kulpmont.

Getting hot in here

How can you deny global warming? The U.S. has been warming for the past 12,000 years, since the last ice age.

Good work

I am sure the tattoo parlor is not successful because of where it is located; it is because of his good work. There are lots of empty storefronts downtown where he can operate his business. Why is this even an issue?

Real pigs

Where is the code enforcer? Is he on vacation again? Up in the 450 block, there are cats and dogs running around having other cats and dogs, and not being fed. The house has a real pig out front destroying the whole neighborhood. This was never like this before. Do something about it or get them out of the town.

Three in one

Please help Mr. Dubbs in Kulpmont. Who killed Miss Stellfox? Miley Cyrus is a pig.

Horsing around

A standard bred horse is ahead by three parts of a length. How many parts are in a length and does that include the wheels or just the horse? Please answer me, Frog. Frog's take: Sorry, my knowledge on all things equine is very limited. I know they have four legs and you can ride them.

Standing issue

This is for "Too many chiefs:" With all those coaches that Mount Carmel Area High School has, it is a darn shame that half the team is still standing doing nothing every single practice.

Seeing double

When you come from the hospital over the bridge before you go up to Route 61 at the four-way stop, there is a stop sign on the right and a stop sign on the left. The question is why. They don't stop for one, they are not going to stop for two.

No handouts

I am calling about Mr. Dubbs. I have know him for, like, 35 years. The first house he had that he lived in was condemned. Now this poor man is looking for a handout. No such luck around here. I am sorry.

You're next

This is for the neighbor who decided to call the police on me on Aug. 27 about the loud music at 2:30 in the afternoon. Well, guess what? The next time this neighbor wakes me up in the middle of the night with the loud music or the arguing, I am going to call the police, also.

Easy street

An easy solution for the comfort station: that area is technically not a street; it doesn't even have a name. It is a parking lot. Just close that off at the end of the comfort station and let the people come out the same way they enter. It is a parking lot, not a street.

Say goodbye

The threat to close down the government will cause the stock market to crumble. Say goodbye to the gains in your portfolios and IRAs.

Behind the shed

I see that the liberal AP is playing into the hands of convicted traitor Bradley Manning by referring to him as Chelsea and using the feminine pronoun when describing him. This is disgraceful. This man is a traitor to America and should be shot.

Vicarious fools

Yay, high school football season is here again. Thank God we get to see all the 50-year-old men who still think they are on the high school football team.