President Obama has been going through on-the-job training. All the bull he used during his campaign speeches did work to get him elected, but it just doesn't work in the office of the presidency. End the war? No way! Close Gitmo and bring those prisoners into the U.S.? No way! Thank goodness his term is expiring, but not soon enough.

Option paralysis

The current administration confuses paralysis with prudence.

Don't mess

The police shootings in Fergeson and the other city in Missouri should be a warning to all people: Obey police commands and do not mess with the police.

Vicious cycle

Are you serious or delirious? The land that PPL owns, leases and has acquired through imminent domain and you think they are doing us a favor by filling in the local stripping pits? Who do you think is paying the trucks to haul the fly ash from Washingtonville to here? And why here? Does the thought of us living below national poverty levels have anything to do with it, or does it come down to who actually owns the stripping pits? So that brings us back to big coal's money and influence.


I am a taxpayer, and if the city is going to go around cleaning up other people's private property, then they should be doing it for everybody and not just political people. I am talking about a property on Sixth Street.

Spruced up

To the caller who complained believes the new owners of the lot in Kulpmont, got a "gift and real deal" and purchased a 15-foot wide cattle ranch: It's fantastic that the area is now landscaped instead of becoming a dump or a weed- and bug-infested area. Thanks, Eastern Enterprises, for purchasing the property.

Something's fishy

I don't know the back story on this "fish tale" story, but about your facts regarding an AK-47 being illegal, I do know something about that. AK-47s are hardly illegal to own in every state as you wrote. Certain states, yes, but most other states completely legal without any special license or permits. Now, if you're talking fully automatic then that is a different story and you need to be more clear.

Not one thing

Why is it that when a white cop kills a black kid all hell breaks loose, but when a black cop kills a white man not one thing is said in the news or the media? What about all the murders in Chicago? Why isn't the press covering those?

Dig that hole

With all these utilities digging up the roads in Shamokin, I hope they have a plan for repaving when they are done. They are the ones reaping the benefits of having new pipelines in the city by gaining better customers and charging more money. They need to repave these roads.


To the misguided person, it is not illegal to own an AK-47. I personally use one and it is a great hunting rifle, especially if you are after bear. It is just illegal to make it into a machine gun. Everybody can have one and you don't need a special permit.

In person

To the person complaining about the dogs, if your neighbors have a problem with something you do, would you like them to come to you to resolve it or would you prefer they make a jerk out of you in Sound Off? Sometimes problems are easier to solve if you put in a little more thought to them. Frog's take: Good point, but what fun would that be?

New adventure area

If they are going to pave Pine Street, I wonder if they are going to repave Walnut Street? It is like a roller coaster going down there for five or six blocks, the way they have it patched and paved. You can't go down Arch Street because there are potholes all over the place. If you go down the back of Independence Street, there are pot holes all over the place there, too, from putting the pipelines in. What a disaster this township area is.