Help us

I think we need help from the government because the people running these communities are destroying us. Frog's take: So what you're saying is we need help from government to save us from government?

Place for disgrace

I saw an article in Parade on Michelle Obama entitled "Michelle on the Move." She is on the move, all right, at taxpayer expense, to the tune of $100 million for the African vacation. These people are a disgrace to the nation.

Iraqi oil

How much oil has the United States received from the war since the war in Iraq?

Fishy tales

Frog, could you tell me any of those old stories about Gov. Kingfish?

In or out?

I find this funny. Years ago, older people complained when the kids were outside playing, about the noise and dirt. Now they are complaining that kids are inside playing with computers.

A 'solution'

What are the code enforcement officer and council doing to Mr. Dubbs in Kulpmont? Why don't they just put a sign on the property saying it is worth $20,000? Let him sell it and let the buyer take the rubble.

AOAA bias

After reading the article and the cartoon on Mr. Kaleta and the AOAA park, it's fairly obvious The News-Item doesn't take an unbiased approach to reporting. If you were unbiased, you might even think about reporting what has been accomplished monetarily with the AOAA. I lot of money has been spent, but I don't see any accounting.

Good neighbors

I would like to thank the people on Poplar Street in Mount Carmel who saw the person entering my car and others and then called police.

Single father

This is to answer the question about defining what a single father is. It's the same as a single mother. It's a father raising a child after the mother left. Frog's take: Not necessarily. There are times the father and mother are both single, and, though not married, do a good job parenting the child.

Speed trap

Mount Carmel Township police sit there with a speed trap. People come to this area and actually go around the township to avoid the money-hungry speed trap.

Raising kids

This is for "Please define." A single father is a man who is raising his kids full time, for whatever reason, regardless of his sex life or other personal matters. It's kind of like me. I have been doing it for 13 years.

Security danger

In response to the person who said Egypt, Israel and Syria - let them fight it out: That person has to understand that we have to keep them separate. If they ever unite like the United States, we will be the ones controlled by the Middle East. They will not stay where they are. They will try to take over everything and may even blow us off the face of the earth.