Thanks for sharing

I just want to thank that person who put a piece in regarding the group Re-Creation USA that was at Grace Lutheran Church, Mount Carmel, on Sunday evening. Yes, they were absolutely awesome, and I think we might have them back again sometime this year. Thank you for sharing your joy with everyone. If we do, please look for the flyers that will be posted around town again.

Grant a reprieve

Shamokin should take the grant money and fix some of the streets they have in Shamokin instead of just patching them. Frog's take: That isn't how grant money works.

Fish wrap

How come you don't print my comments? Save a tree and get rid of that News Dispatch; it ain't worth it. A respectable fish wouldn't be caught dead in it. Frog's take: Good news, the News Dispatch doesn't exist anymore and hasn't for decades.

A Team

I am calling about the firing of the prison warden. It sure didn't take long for our new sheriff and district attorney to join the team of Mr. Clausi.

Get out of town

I just wonder when these construction outfits are going to get out of this town. They have the whole town screwed up. Down on Spruce Street, they have been down there for three months. I could have rebuilt Rome in the time they have been there. I don't know what they are doing. Get them out of here. We need some peace.

Public sale

Disturbing to me to read in the paper about the new owner of the former Leck Kill elementary school, who inherited - with the sale of the building - school-related items that could have been sold at a public sale, but he has the stuff for sale. Nothing like throwing it in front of our faces. Shame on you, school board.


It is true. History does repeat itself. Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Obama plays golf while Ferguson, Mo., burns. He has to realize that being president is not a 9-to-5 job.

Rice is nice

The head football coach at Notre Dame needs two weeks to get ready for Rice University, that college football powerhouse, and can't debate his role in this cheating scandal. He could get ready for Rice in half a day and still have two weeks for debating.

From the gutter

I am calling about the drug bust in Marion Heights with the young gentleman who had 67 bags of heroin. I think the task force needs to look into Marion Heights a little bit closer, because drugs are running rampant up there almost on every block. There are needles in the gutter; we have seen them and have contacted the police, but, obviously, nothing is done. Frog's take: No doubt more needs done, but how can you say nothing when they just busted this guy, who, according to police, admitted he sells to others?

Stand up and shout

I would like to know, is there any councilman in Kulpmont who has enough guts to stand up and tell them that they are wrong about the building? It seems like they are all in this together. I think the people better start voting for men, not boys.