In the article about the Zerbe Township supervisor meeting, I read about the township clerk retiring. If she is full time, why are they advertising it as a part-time position? Frog's take: Who said she was full time?

Blind hatred

I am so sick and tired of Greg Maresca and his hatred spewing on the president. I think he hates him so bad he can't see straight. Don't you think you can find somebody else with a lot more things that we want to hear than his hatred of the president? He is sick. Frog's take: Here is a solution: Just skip Maresca's article and read Walt Brasch's twice.

Writing in reverse

Walt Brasch has got to go. We need more Greg Maresca and less Walt Brasch. Please! Frog's take: Reverse the above.

Piece of garbage

I am calling about Tina Curran. She was a friend of mine. I worked with her and she was a beautiful person and a wonderful, loving mother. Any rights this piece of garbage had for these girls he should have lost the day he took their mother away. Hasn't the family been through enough? It makes me sick to see him in the paper. He should rot in a hole. Why is the court system even giving him the time of day?

Dog eat dog

Anybody who runs for politics has to be crazy. You see what happened to the mayor and now Mr. Kinder. Anything you try to do for the city in politics, nobody appreciates it. It is dog eat dog.

Hit the nail

Michael J. McCarthy's letter to the editor hit the nail on the head. Kudos to this guy. He wrote a perfect letter.

Sin no more

Christ told Mary Magdalene, "go and sin no more." He didn't stone her to death.

Vicious circle

A recent caller in Sound Off asked who the smiling crowds were when he speaks. I'll tell you who they are. They are the village idiots straight out the la-la land of liberal-dom. Frog's take: You are answering your own questions now, "recent caller"?

Follow through

Sounds like one particular Kulpmont Borough Councilman came to his senses from all the uproar at the public meeting last week and is talking about resigning. It's the honorable thing to do. So let's hope he follows through with it and all the others do likewise.

Heat seeker

This quote by Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel says it all: "We are using missile defense to protect our civilians, and they're using their civilians to protect their missiles."

Money train

I am glad I read that Shamokin won't run out of cash. This way they can't raise your taxes. Thank you for the good management of our money.

Playground needed

You wonder why there are kids all over the street on Poplar Street? We need a playground down here. What is wrong with the council?

Dim bulb

To the person who went through the stop light this morning up at the end of Second Street at about 8 o'clock, if I would have had your license number, I would have reported you. That light was red long before you got there. You are jeopardizing somebody else.

Shining star

Maresca has got to go? Are you kidding me? It is the other way around. That Walt Brasch has to go. Maresca is brilliant.

Job well done

I would like to congratulate the Mount Carmel Area School Board for naming the football stadium after Jazz Diminick. That was a fantastic move.

Fool in the rain

Who is the fool running down the middle of the street with a scanner in his hand and flailing his arms in the air? Whenever there is an emergency going on, he is in the middle of it directing traffic or what have you. People can hear the sirens. You are just a wannabe. You are not a fire policeman, so stay home and find something to do.

Bite the bullet

Shamokin City Council is broke and does not need more expense buying property before the tax sale and matching funds for Claude Kehler Community Park. Time to bite the bullet and work on the present debt and not more.

Stranger danger

Any pipeline that comes close to our watershed on the Weiser State Forest in Ralpho Township could be very dangerous for our wildlife and water resources.