High rates

Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with their homeowner's insurance company wanting to insure their homes actual replacement cost instead of the market value? Mine is driving me crazy saying my home is worth $5 million when the actual market value is about $150,000. There isn't a home in a 100-mile radius worth $5 million.

It isn't racism

The unemployment rate is 7.6 percent, the national debt is $16.7 trillion and the federal government is set for another shutdown this fall because they are again unable to compromise on a budget. Yet because my skin color is lighter than the president's, my displeasure with his policies and leadership style can only stem from racism. Get real, people. This country has a lot of problems, but the president's race isn't one of them.

Same old

Same old story: An old, dilapidated garage on West Independence Street. Now there are snakes in there and skunks.

Spay and neuter

I just read in Sound Off about the poor person whose cat and kittens were killed. I am a cat lover. I have had cats off and on for 40 years. When I was very young, I let my cats have kittens and then I realized they didn't always go to good homes. Now for many years, I spay and neuter all my cats.

Buddha blessed

About "Allah's curse," you are right. I must be an idiot. I am still registered Democrat. There are no Democrats left. They are socialists/progressives. May Buddha bless you.

A great time

We are new to the Mount Carmel Junior Baseball League this year and we had such a great time. We would like to thank Jack Spade.

No class

Eight years ago, the infrastructure of the United States was No. 1 in the world. Eight years later, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the United States infrastructure a D+ on its report card. One out of every four bridges in Pennsylvania is unsafe and unsound, but the Republican Congress is so interested in making Obama look bad that they won't pass any kind of stimulus package.

Must be wrong

I must be missing something here. My understanding is that homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence was a mandatory three and a half to seven years. I must be wrong. Frog's take: If you're referring to the Koontz case, you are missing something. He pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, not homicide by vehicle. He also plead to DUI, but as a separate charge.

Tire pile

I am calling about the piles and piles of tires up there on Bunker Hill in a residential neighborhood. Enough is enough already. Somebody should call the code enforcers. Frog's take: Call City Hall yourself.

Join the army

A few years back there was talk of a "Carmie's Army" T-shirt and I really wanted one. I heard that they are trying to make them again this year. If anybody knows anything about this, I would really like to know where to get one.

Doodle Bug

Every Tuesday when I look at "Blast from the Past" it brings one memory to mind. I don't how many people still remember it: Doodle Bug Park in Trevorton, by the gun club. We had so much pleasure as kids being taken out there. Almost as much fun as Knoebels.

Best bean soup

The best thing in the world at the Picnic in the Park was that Elks stand. The bean soup was out of this world.

Keep it up

Keep it up in Shamokin, Vinny. I live in Shamokin and I want to know what all these guys are doing.