Abominable word

The one word the well-versed, talented writer Jenna W. and the band of the politically correct merry-callers seem to ignore is "abomination" when they sing their song about same-sex marriage and gay rights. Why is that? It is right there in God's word in Leviticus 18, verse 22.

Action, not words

I read Sound Off every day and every day there are people complaining about the government and the president. You know, you put him in, you can get him out, so let's start some action and stop complaining.

Turned out

In answer to "Liquor stores," your sarcastic, asinine comments probably are because you were turned down for a state job some time in the past. Most of those people would end up on unemployment. Where is that helping the state? Frog's take: I have never even applied for a state job.

Just live here

I wonder if Shamokin City could list its rental costs for the community park? Also, will this expansion include the following: Paid parking for bicycles? Will skateboards be permitted? Are they possibly going to charge on a per-dog pile basis? Another idea they might be able to use is a sneaker rental hut. Talk about putting good money after bad! Shamokin might need a couple dilapidated buildings torn down before this park becomes one of them due to lack of use. Frog's take: Well that's the spirit!

God isn't angry

If the Bible is the only reason you disagree with something, then it's time to reevaluate why you disagree. Religion has stood in the way of social change in the past and it's always lost because this country is free, not a theocracy. If we followed the Bible to the letter, we would own slaves and deny women their rights. Other countries that have recognized gay marriage haven't broken off and fallen into the sea yet. I'd say God isn't that angry.

One cute egg

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed Walt's article in the paper on Sunday about the Easter eggs. That was absolutely so cute. Yummy, yummy.

Pray for gay

God would not create anybody to have homosexual tendencies. I don't know what makes people be like that, but it is very sad, and I am also saddened by a lot of the statements in Jenna's article. Pray for all those people.

Shell of law

Maybe somebody could explain this to me: Of all the laws in the book of Leviticus that were abolished because Jesus abolished them, and we don't follow them anymore, why does the Christian right hold on to the law about homosexuality? I am a straight male and I don't understand why they would hold on to just that one. With that logic and that reasoning, I would be able to hit you in the head with a rock if I see you eating at Red Lobster because you are not allowed to eat shellfish. I don't think it works that way.