Nerves of steel

Doesn't multimillionaire Dr. Glenn Steele Jr. have all the nerve in the world? He takes out a half-page ad in The News-Item complaining that Highmark is limiting patient care for central Pennsylvanians, yet it is Geisinger that has severely and significantly restricted patient care options. Geisinger did this by buying up all of the community hospitals and care clinics, giving residents of central Pennsylvania little or no choice but to use Geisinger.

It's official

I don't know if I missed it, but how did the proposed AOAA park become the official AOAA park? Did I miss the vote or what is going on?

You go, girls

When I picked up the newspaper Tuesday morning, I realized it was a great day. Two women running for local public office. City council and school board. Hooray! Come on ladies, I want more!

Apples and oranges

Should we do background checks on purchasers of pressure cookers, nails, ball bearings, household cleaners and chemicals? Correctly used, they are designed to cook a meal, build a house, roller skate, scrub or clean a floor. Correctly used, a loaded gun is designed to enable you to penetrate and destroy flesh, bone and vital organs or the skin of a target. Apples and oranges!

A must see

I would like to commend Mr. Styer and his students on a wonderful concert last evening. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the music performed by the band. I encourage the public to come out for the upcoming concerts by the chorus, orchestra and band at SAHS. The kids do a fantastic job and it's a nice respite from the everyday grind. I hope everyone can get to see the talent of all our kids.

Fresh feeling

It is an election year and everyone looks good and has done so much. Yes, I can say thank you, but don't like when blame is passed around. I have always taught my children to face up to their responsibilities and so should our council. Time to start fresh and get us back on track.

What's next?

Now they want us to pay sales tax on Internet purchases. What is that for? So we can give more money to foreign countries?

The good stuff

What is going on? Now we are trying to help Israel get nuclear stuff while we are bombing other countries because they want to get nuclear stuff. What is going on here?

Right to know

This call is regarding the call "M.Y.O.B." Why should I mind my own business? Have you got something to hide? The taxpayers have a right to know how their tax money is being used.

Adopt a house

I am calling to say I think Shamokin is going to be very embarrassed when the Schimdt family comes back to town and they see the condition of this town. Maybe we should have an adopt-a-house now instead of just adopt-a-cemetery-plot so we can clean up all these properties. Or we could have the fire companies come over with their fire hoses and clean everything.