School days

If pay-to-play is an excellent idea, then why does our school board build new gyms and have soccer fields and a football stadium? Sports are a part of school activities. Yes, taxpayers pay for all this. Why pay more to play?

Stand up, shout

School is supposed to be about getting an education and not being bullied. We need to stand up for our kids. We need to go to these school boards and have the school board members do something about this. I don't want to find a family member dead because of being bullied in school. This is the Shamokin Area School District. We are not in New York and New Jersey, and it is not supposed to happening here.

Punishment due

Don't blame the NCAA for Penn State's problems and sanctions they had put on them. Blame the administration and the head coaches. This stuff was going on with Jerry Sandusky for 20 years, and they let him get away with it. They deserve all the punishment they get up there.

Mess master

I am from Mount Carmel, on Locust Street between Fifth and Sixth. The guy that runs that street cleaner better learn how to operate it. He made a mess up here.

Black hole sun

I would just like to know when the city is going to fix these two mammoth holes in the road in the 200 block of Commerce Street. They are getting worse, and the cars can't even go around them because they are so big. It is time they fix these holes in the street.


While driving through Kulpmont Tuesday morning, I saw four people cross the road in the middle of the street, yet they have the crosswalks there and the people don't obey them. Why don't the police give them tickets for jaywalking?

Bad times

Wow, President Obama has delayed his decision on the Keystone Pipeline until late November. Now, let me see, the political analysts predict a bad election for Democrats. Now, does President Obama think that crowd called "we the people" are dummies?

Does it all

Bob Getchey does more for the City of Shamokin than anybody in the town. Why do you criticize him?

A senile animal

I never knew there were so many different talking animals until I was watching these TV ads. What's next? A talking frog who can edit Sound Off? Frog's take: I'm not croaking any time soon.


A point to remember: The United States gets nothing from the Keystone Pipeline from Canada. Nothing.

'Moo-ve' it or lose it

I find it hypocritical that the very same pundits and editorial cartoonists that have a big problem with the Nevada rancher grazing his cattle on federal land had no problem with the latter-day hippies of the Occupy Wall Street movement sitting on public property and refusing to leave when ordered to do so.

Abolish police force

The best thing that could help Shamokin get out of its financial crisis would be to get rid of the Shamokin Police Department. It would save $1.2 million. Let the state police come in and patrol. The city police never even show up for break-ins.

Teachers' strikes

I can understand why teachers go on strike. But they shouldn't say it's the taxpayers' fault when they go on strike. The taxpayers can't handle any more raises for the teachers. So that's the teachers' problem, not the taxpayers. If you are not happy with the way things are, get another job.

Tree replacement

I was wondering. What does it cost to replace one of the flowering trees in the Market Street park plot. I noticed there are a few missing, and there are bare spots there. Does anyone have any information on what it would cost? That would be a good project for a group.

Forget centimeters

What is with these fifth-grade math teachers? Kids come home with these things like centimeters. I am old, and I don't even know how to do them. Start teaching and stop giving homework. Some kids are slower than others.