Have some courtesy

If you are going to walk your dog around the neighborhood and let them poop all over people's properties and other people's walks, please have the common courtesy to take a bag and pick up after your dog. You would not like me bringing my dog over to your sidewalk and letting him go to the bathroom. Have a little courtesy.


If guns made us safe we should be the safest country on Earth because we now have more guns that people.

Not all were fans

Ask the Irish Catholics who lived in Northern Ireland if they think Margaret Thatcher was a good leader or even a good person, or ask the people who lost government jobs to be replaced by the private industry. She turned everything into private and got rid of all the good-paying, good-benefit government jobs. You could write history any way you want, but there are a lot of people who didn't like Margaret Thatcher.


So Zerbe Township is going to clean up the blight in Trevorton? That is laughable. Just an example: The home on Shamokin Street across from the post office, that is a deplorable eyesore. It has been empty for years and never should have been occupied in the first place. Come on, you supervisors, you know as well as I do the only reason that you don't act on this particular property is because it belongs to a big shot with money. Frog's take: The story detailed how the supervisors are looking for more power to address these issues, so maybe things will change.

Pave it

If the people up at city hall want to spend money to fix things up in Shamokin, why don't they try paving Independence Street instead of patching the holes, which turn back into holes anyway?

Off Broadway

I live in NYC and visited friends in Elysburg this past weekend. They "dragged me" to the Shamokin High School play. I must say that I was completely overwhelmed by the talent of all of the performers and the quality of the direction and staging. First class! A couple of the actors/singers even performed at what I would call a professional level. Outstanding job!

Class act

I was very sad to read about the passing Annette Funicello. What a kind and gentle disposition she had, as opposed to many of the actresses of today who are selfish, immoral and loudmouths.

In God we trust

All our freedoms come from God. That is why the Democrats and the ACLU do not want God mentioned or recognized in schools, government buildings or work places. That is why they intimidate people into believing it is a crime to pray or talk about or wear religious T-shirts in school or government work places and buildings. They take God out of the equation and your freedoms go with Him.


As a senior reading about last night's city council meeting, I am thoroughly disgusted. A $1,700 raise, $1,100 a month consulting fee and $3,000 to pay someone to go rap on my door.

One way or no way

Are the police and city hall waiting for a good head-on accident on Seventh Street by the church? It is a one-way street, not a two way. Put the one-way signs back up.

Emergency break

When are the city police going to follow parking ordinances? No tractors in residential areas, no parking in front of fire hydrants, 10 feet from a corner, six feet from a driveway, no parking on the wrong side of the street. All this money being lost for the City of Shamokin.


As a middle class American, I feel I am highly discriminated upon. They talk about discrimination in this country, well, where are my tax loopholes and tax breaks or is that only for the rich?

That's rich

I see we have one government in this country. It is of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.

Keep it hidden

So Vinny doesn't want the government to investigate the Northumberland County grants program. What is he trying to hide and who is he trying to protect? He thinks the taxpayers are stupid and, unfortunately, he is probably right.