King's ransom

I am calling to give a big thank you to the Sinister Kings biker club that recently helped raised money to donate toward the Shamokin Youth Football League. With all the money you raised, we were able to buy all our football players brand new game jerseys for the upcoming season. I just want to let you know we really appreciate it and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

Get hopping

Froggy, you should be ashamed. You should act like you have some values. These two lesbians did not create these two young boys to make a normal family. Move to another lake, because our churches are not moving.


Hey, I am a woman, and I have a man for a husband. I better see a psychiatrist, because I am not normal.

A new hope

I was just wondering if anyone else sees the irony of the salary cuts for the commissioners not taking effect until 2016 when, hopefully, Bridy and Clausi aren't in office.

Loving couple

I am calling about the picture in the paper on Monday about the couple, the "normal" family. I think it was fantastic. There were smiles on their faces and they were happy. Let them alone. You people condemn everybody. Look in your own closets. As long these people are happy, let them go.

Same difference

The president and Congress are debating whether to go to war against Syria because they are using chemical weapons to kill their people. Prior to this they were using bullets and torture. What's the difference?

My hometown

I am calling from Sunbury. Just because I live over here doesn't mean I don't care about my hometown, Shamokin. It is a sad day for the Christians in that town to have a gay marriage flaunted on the front page of the paper. I am really sad about that.

Fit to print

Next thing we will see on the front page that child molesting is normal. These people are sick. This is against the law also. But, it's news.

By the hour

Regarding the salaries that are being addressed at the county level right now. I think it would be more prudent if people were paid by their hourly wage. Concerning Mr. Kelley, how many hours a week or a year does he put in to receive such an abundant amount of money for services? Does he work that many hours? That goes for the rest of the offices. I think an hourly wage would be more appropriate.

Steep fee

I went to a Mount Carmel girls soccer game yesterday, It was five bucks to get into the game. That is ridiculous.

Great escape

I just have one question: How is it that Tony Phillips escapes the slashing of the salaries? Is it the fact that he is related to Clausi's buddy, Merle Phillips? That would be my guess. What do you think?