Dirt nap

If the Republicans in Congress shut down the government on Sept. 30, they will be pouring dirt on their grave for the 2016 elections.

Do as I say

The nicest people in the world are Marine drill sergeants. Don't do as I do, do as I say.

Bless his mess

I am calling in about that Dubbs man from Kulpmont. He should have had insurance on his home. He has no money to clean up his mess. Where is he going to get the money to rebuild on any empty lot? He should just give it up already.

Make enough

This is about the teachers picketing in Mount Carmel. They should be happy they have a job.

Big move, big bucks

I think if the teachers in Mount Carmel want a raise or better health benefits, they better move to Philadelphia and teach school there. You'll get more money; we don't need you around here.

Not exactly

Does Mount Carmel Area teachers president Joe Varano realize that Mount Carmel is a depressed area? We don't exactly have the money like the rich school district to pay out top salaries.

Stop it

Mr. Clausi needs to stop the bullying.

Moron line

So teachers at a failing school want a raise. What do they think we are, morons? You guys are proof that you should be paid for performance.

Should be ashamed

The Mount Carmel Area teachers should be ashamed of themselves for picketing. They are not doing their jobs now and they want outrageous demands. Let them pay towards their health care like all the other taxpayers.

The plus column

Evidently Jerry Splane's actions at Raspberry Hill prompted residents to hang curtains on their windows. That would be a plus, wouldn't it?

Splane, P.I.

Tell Jerry Splane to get a detective license if that is what he wants to do.

newsitem.com cameo?

Went to see "Prisoners" today. Very good film. The website the characters use for their news is "PA Daily News." It's almost identical to The News Item page, and the film takes place in Pa. Coincidence?

Cry of sarcasm

A previous caller stated "something is fishy" since Kulpmont Borough cannot get Mr. Dubbs state or federal money to pay his personal bill for clean up. Listen, I don't have $4 or $5 to pay my garbage hauler this week. Hey, can't my town get some free money from other taxpayers and pay my personal bill? Help me! Caller, you're a real space cadet.

Breakfast of champions

Can you believe it? A suspected drug user told the judge she is glad to go back to Schuylkill County prison because she just got a radio and they are having pancakes? Well, she'll really appreciate the Thanksgiving turkey and cranberry sauce she will eat for the next few years.