Reading glasses

Regarding the disposal of used eyeglasses - they accept them at the Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library on Independence Street in Shamokin. That is where I took mine.

Long and short

I would like to know if anybody out there can tell me if it is illegal to park a motorcycle between two cars long ways? Could somebody tell me if that is legal or illegal?

Page one

The inspirational speaker on page 11 in Friday's paper should have been put on the front page rather than the homosexuals that were on the front page the other day.

Do the right thing

It would not be a shame if Obama resigns. It would be the right thing to do.

Blatant fraud

Regarding the article in Thursday's paper about incarceration stops benefits to save the state millions of dollars. I don't think it took a no-brainer to figure that out when the unemployment offices were closed, that this would happen. It is blatant fraud. People in jail were getting unemployment benefits.

Chuckles and smiles

Frog, your remarks are so funny. When my husband was alive, he used to laugh about your remarks. They were so great and so timely. Thank you very much for the chuckles that we had together and sweet smiles and the laughs. Thank you. Frog's take: You are very welcome, caller, and I am sorry to hear about your husband.

On opinions

Yo Froggy boy, as far as an opinion on everything under the sun, you must be the second followup as indicated by your take of "no shortage of rocket scientists in the area." Well, you know what they say about opinions, don't you? Frog's take: I do and judging by all your calls, you agree with mine about the area astrophysicists. Keep 'em coming.

Hope you're happy

Well, I see the judge in Harrisburg ordered an end to the licenses for same- sex marriages. I guess all the bigots will be dancing in the streets now. Good for you. I hope you are happy.

Gullible's travels

Frog, anyone who makes and breaks an arms treaty to continue making nuclear weapons is not a hero. Anyone who supplies terrorist countries with weapons for terrorism is not a hero. Vladimir Putin helped Iran develop nuclear power for a nuclear bomb and tricked a weak president for an allied terrorist country that kills with deadly chemical gas. An unlikely hero to all the gullible.

Due caution

The falsity of Iraq has made everyone cautious. It certainly scared off the Brits. It is a good thing that we are preceding with due caution.