Maybe The News-Item should save space in its articles and instead of printing Vinny Clausi and Stephen Bridy, just hyphenate and use Clausi-Bridy. Of course, Clausi comes first since he is the decisionmaker for this duo. It's so sad. I guess this is why people are so negative about independents. Instead of being independent, they follow whoever does the most for them personally.

Getting the truth

Finally, Obama is getting the truth. Sadly, he never got it from his Cabinet or never took a hard look in the mirror. When he looks, all he sees is "eye candy." How anyone can still be on the fence at this point is beyond hope.

Enough already

Enough with the AOAA. Everyday there's either a problem or a fight over this thing. Enough! I'm sick of reading about it. Isn't there anything else to talk about in Northumberland County?

Full of it

Once again, two presidential candidates spent all this money on this debate when I just spent $875 to fill my oil tank. Thanks a lot for wasting the taxpayers' money while middle class citizens are just trying to survive and make it from week to week.


Mitt Romney will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge to get elected. Frog's take: And Obama wouldn't?

Remove it

Same garbage in the same places in Kulpmont. The code officers look at it three times a week. When will they remove it instead of giving out phone numbers?

Silly season

We have pretty much finished up the silly season of class reunions where people come back every five years after graduation to tell us how wonderful it is in the area, how great it was to live around here and grow up around here and raise your children here. But then they leave again and they don't do anything to help the area. Then after 20, 30, 40 years, they retire and come back. Will they help plan the class reunion? No. They will still sit around and tell us that we have not done a job that is up to their specifications.

Call for civility

I, too, am embarrassed to say I am from Northumberland County. That finger-pointing in the face with glaring eyes by Mr. Clausi is one of the rudest actions one can put forth. Please, more civility in our county.

More problems

This is about the Thea Tafner incident. Thea earned $80,000 a year plus benefits, has a state pension, never married, no kids, lives in a family home, embezzles and pleads money problems? Let's get real. Thea has no concept of money problems.

All talk

The fairy godfather Romney is going to straighten out everything in the government that his party left us eight years ago. He is all talk.


Well, Romney had a good debate performance. The question I am interested in remains unanswered. Specifically, which middle class tax deductions will be eliminated under the Romney plan?

Down the tubes

MSNBC, what a joke! No wonder our country is going down the toilet.

Greedy bums

Many years ago, I worked for one of our local gas and oil distributors. They had absolutely nothing to do with setting prices. When we came to work at five in the morning, the price for that day had already been set from the headquarters and was on display on the computer in the office. Don't blame the local guys who run their gas stations; blame the greedy bums who own the refineries.

That old chestnut

I heard that President Obama said the reason for his dismal performance in the first debate was all because of President Bush.