Parking issue

I agree with the caller about the trailers that are parked along Rock Street. We park behind the church for Mass and wonder how he is allowed to monopolize two blocks of Rock Street. Many close calls are visible when leaving the church lot.

Belly full

Hey Frog, I know you are tired of me complaining about the city, but honestly...: Frog's take: I am. After years of your one-note calls, I have a belly full.

Call of duty

I would like to thank Mr. Leavens, the art teacher at Lourdes Regional, for his kindness in standing with my daughter in the cold and keeping her safe after the Shamokin Halloween parade Wednesday night. He stayed with her until my husband and I made it from one end of Shamokin to the other as fast as we could despite the crowds and traffic. What he did for my daughter was above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you again, Mr. Leavens.

Full of it

Nice picture of Obama. Looks like he is constipated.

Empty promises

You can tell it is election time again, because once again a politician has come out promising hundreds of jobs, high-paying, by a mysterious company that nobody can talk about so that you vote the way they want you to. Then the election will be over and there will never be another word mentioned about it. Frog's take: If you're talking about Vinny, he's not running for anything.


Isn't it ironic that Obama knew nothing about fast and furious, nothing about Benghazi, nothing about the sleazy IRS-targeting conservatives and nothing about the glitches in his health care website. It sounds like he is know-nothing president. Will he still be the sweetheart of the media?

Her suitors

I had thought I had seen everything in Mount Carmel, but this one really took the cake. This morning my neighbor told another neighbor that you need to stop parking in front of your house and move down the street so the guy I am shacking up with has room to park because he got a sweeper ticket when he parked around the corner. Doesn't that take nerve? Why doesn't she buy a house where she has enough parking for all the guys that she has coming to visit her? Frog's take: She sounds popular.

No more

Larry Burda should not be allowed to purchase any type of properties in this area. I feel really sorry for the people who have to live next to these properties.

Axis and allies

I just want to say these allies must not be very good allies if our president has to be spying on their phone calls. I guess he just doesn't trust them, huh? Yeah, keep sending our money over to all these people. By the time he gets out of office, this country is going to be a mess.


When is Sarah Palin and Sen. Cruz going to get it through their heads that they are toast?