Grow up

At the debates, I could not take Biden's comments seriously. His school-boy attitude of making smirks behind the teacher's back was not professional. Despite his age, he has a lot of growing up to do.

Lack of empathy

I pray that God will bless these residents of Lynn Street with some compassion, empathy and tolerance for others. I am absolutely shocked at their lack of it. God bless us.

All for it

I am calling in regards to the approval of the Coal Township zoning commission for a group home on Lynn Street. I am all for it, providing that the owners aren't tax-exempt and they pay their own share of property taxes.


Joe Biden was like a madman in the debate. How would we like him in charge of nuclear weapons?

So divided

I am so sick and tired of callers repeating for Sound Off the verbal vomit that they hear from the competing morons on Fox and MSNBC. Can't anyone see what Lincoln said in his second inaugural address still applies today: "A house divided among itself cannot stand." We are so divided in our country; it is political war and it is tearing us apart. By the way, folks, it won't make any difference to you or me who is elected. Frog's take: Well said, and I can't wait, either. I miss pajama man.


I am absolutely disgusted to see on the front page of the paper two Lourdes Regional staff members, one wearing a Lourdes shirt, with the caption saying they have signatures to try to stop the house for pregnant woman in Coal Township. What happened to representing the school and Catholic values? All because they are concerned about pregnant woman causing a ruckus and parking issues? Jesus would never turn pregnant woman out on the streets.

No fair

I'm all for the AOAA, but not for charging the locals to use it. I grew up on those mountains and now I'm going to be forced to pay? I'm restricted to certain areas and I can't even bring my dogs out to play there. It just isn't fair.

Is what it is

If I were the people on West Lynn Street, I would accept that home for pregnant women. CSO is going to get its money out of that property, rest assured. If it's not for pregnant women, they might rent it to a low-income family, perhaps from out of the area or even out of state, and in that case you get what you get. At least these girls will be supervised.

No overnight sensation

Everybody is expecting this economy to come back overnight. Thirty years ago, when they started letting all these jobs leave the country, that is when it started. Think about it. It is not going to come back for a long time.

Direct deposit

Please tell me what this sweeper is for, because every time it runs, all it does is deposit dirt in front of my house. I think I'll just pay the $15 and keep my car parked where it is, just so I don't get the dirt deposits in front of my house.

Mutt meat

I went shopping on food stamp day. The person in front of me wanted to buy dog food. The cashier said ACCESS wouldn't cover it. She left the counter and went back to the meat department and came back with a big slab of meat for her dog. That dog is eating well on the taxpayers' dime. Enough is enough.