Great guy

This is for the person who thinks Mr. Mirolli is such a great guy: Then why hasn't he paid his fines?

Use students

Here is something to think about in the Mount Carmel School District. Don't use teachers to teach kids after school. Use students. Students could teach other students better than any teacher could teach.

Fair share

When is this county going to get rid of the occupational taxes and go to Act 24 like all the surrounding areas did? It is more fair and everybody who is working pays their fair share. Let's get things moving.

Do the right thing

I am calling about arming the guards at Shamokin Area High School. I worked there for 20 years and all I needed was my mouth and my personality. All the help I needed was being a mother and doing the right thing for the children. Thank you very much.

Get with it

I am calling about President Obama. Why don't these Republicans and Democrats give that guy a chance? I mean, he is trying his best to make this world work and they are undermining him. Tell people to get with it already. Give the man a chance.

Getting technical

This is in response to "vicious cycle" that we would be paying Mr. Mirolli's fines if he won. To be technical, we would also be putting groceries on the table and making his car payments, too.


First of all, the Mount Carmel teachers aren't asking for anything that will make taxes go up. The district has the money and they won't spend it on anyone. That is why Mount Carmel Area is last in the state on per pupil spending. The board is hoarding taxpayers' money. Why?

All in the title

MCA teachers should appreciate the money they make. I teach, I grade students' work, I assign homework, I plan lessons, I test students, I prepare lessons, I do bus and recess duty, I do lunch duty. I am required to have a degree and I am required to continue to learn and to train for my position. I am comparable in every way to a teacher's status except for one - my paycheck. What am I? I am a paraprofessional or what they call an aide, and my pay is only one-third of what the teachers at MCA make. Now that doesn't seem fair, does it? You be the judge.

Worth it

I have three children attending the Mount Carmel Area School District in the elementary and the high school. All three had some very good teachers. Throughout the years a lot of those good teachers have left for other school districts that offer better salaries. If we keep the attitude the school board has, we will never keep quality and caring teachers. Aren't our kids here worth that?