Calling shame

I think it is a shame that both candidates for president keep calling your house over and over with paid recordings to get your vote one way or the other. What a shame for both candidates. No wonder I don't vote. Frog's take: Thankfully, it is almost over.

System has failed

Thank you, Betty Bitterman, for voicing that which many workers are feeling. The welfare system was intended to be a temporary help, not a way of life. The newspaper publishes many workers salaries. Please publish what the average welfare recipient gets in money and benefits. Change the welfare system and you will change the world.

Out with the old

I was just wondering, why do these people keep electing the same people back into office over and over again? They are not doing anything for anybody but themselves. Frog's take: "These people?"

Asking for it

People who were told to evacuate during a hurricane and refuse to leave and then complain afterwards after all the death and destruction deserve what they get.

In agreement

Great letter to the editor in Tuesday's paper by Betty Bitterman. I agree 100 percent with everything she said.

Wonderful work

Your article on the Northumberland County Career and Technology Center was wonderful. I waited for two weeks before I finally got a plumber to come to the house. Believe me, we need these boys.

The big picture

We Catholics are well aware of Obama's vote on abortion. However, that is not the only thing at stake in this election. We use our God-given intelligence to look at the entire picture. A vote for Romney would destroy our health care system and Social Security.

Hats off

I just want to say hats off to Betty Bitterman on the excellent letter to the editor the other day. My personal opinion: Betty Bitterman for president.

Dark of night

This is to the mayor of Shamokin, asking why the lights are out on Independence Street in the morning. It is very unsafe. Please check into it for the people.


In response to "Super guns:" Legal firearms will be redefined for the United States citizen. They will be giving the U.N. the power to regulate civilian firearms. Yes, it will bypass the Constitution if signed by Obama and approved by the Senate. No other president in the history of the United States has signed such a treaty because of this fact.

No one came

I was wondering who was going to come to the United States' side for the flood victims. I guess the same ones that did last year. None.

Against ourselves

I was just wondering why there are so many anti-Obama comments in Sound Off. Is it because we always vote against our own economic self-interest, or are we purely just a racist area?

Get rid

It is time to get rid of the obstructionist in Congress.

Would be better

After reading Betty Bitterman's letter to the editor, I would recommend that she run for political office. She would certainly be better than some of those that we have in there now.