They did a nice job with the paving in Mount Carmel except for the manholes. They are too low again. They are like big potholes. They should raise them.

Twice shy

I am calling about the person who was talking about layoffs. Yes, I am losing my job, but I did not vote for Obama and neither did my family the first time or the second time.

Terrible towels

OK, Frog, here is comes. What size towel and what colors do you want? Do you want napkins or do you want tissue paper to catch the tear drops. Frog's take: What in the heck are you talking about?

Clean house

I agree with the caller about firing the coaches at Shamokin Area High School every couple years and bringing back the same assistants time and time again. It is time to clean them all out and start from scratch, and maybe we'll have a good football team in the future.

Earned it

Here is something to the woman that was behind me in Walmart when I paid for my groceries with my food stamps. My husband works 40 hours a week. He deserves and we deserve the food stamps we get. We don't get a ton but I guarantee you that I know someone who gets at least $800 and keeps popping out kids. My husband works 40 hours and pays into the system.

Green season

It's the most wonderful time of the year. All the pushing and shoving and people are screaming, "Get out of my way." It is the most greedy time of the year. Ding dong, ding dong.

Bargain hawk

Black Friday is a big joke. We watch the sales like a hawk and many, many items marked down were actually marked down lower earlier in the year at many stores and malls. Bah, humbug. Stay at home.

For the birds

Mount Carmel Township is talking that they might have to raise taxes. Why don't they just have a pigeon shoot over there in Atlas? They are enough of them flying around.

Police work

I see Hollenbush from the Mount Carmel Township Police is complaining about the commissioners getting rid of the constables there. He says he is going to use the part-time officers to cover the township while they are doing transportation. Doesn't it make more sense to use the part-time officers to do the transports and your full-time officers to do the real police work?

Not for marijuana

I have to agree with the letter about marijuana. I have two DUI's, and it wasn't for marijuana. It was for booze.