We, the peeps

Dear fellow Americans, while it is certainly true that our elected leaders play an important role in our nation, either positively or negatively, we must remember that this is still America, and the responsibility to make this nation a place for religious freedom is cherished and still falls to we, the people.

No free rides

I am a Democrat and I am not getting free stuff like the Republicans reported. I come from a family of military who served in World War II to the present time of three tours in Afghanistan. I would like the public to know that Democrats are not all freeloaders. My husband worked 30 years, retired, and we still work. We pay for everything we have. Not everyone is a freeloader.

To serve man

Those who are against Kaleta for all the good he does, guess where he is as we speak? He is out in a disaster area cooking and feeding people. Do you have something against that, too? What did you do for these poor people?

Taking the queen

This is for the wife of the ex-Marine who dislikes "takers." If your husband has visited the VA hospital, gotten a VA loan to get a mortgage, used his GI bill to go to school or any other government-funded program for veterans, all of which I, as a liberal, feel he's more than entitled to, then guess what? You're "takers," too. When rich people complain about takers, they aren't only talking about welfare queens.

Funding questions

Furniture for a rec room costing thousands? We all know what that will look like in a year, as in kids being kids. Pay raises for one person of $9,000 a year? Yet we have no money to pay for demo work removal.

Alien autopsy

As the Republicans continue their post-election autopsy, they are discovering that holding half of the electorate in contempt is not an effective strategy.

General misfortune

If only we had paid as much attention to the grueling 12-year Afghanistan war as we are paying to the unfortunate scandal of our generals, which is a tragedy for their families and a misfortune for our country.

Here it comes

Here comes the tax on the middle class, regardless of what Obama said. As I speak, he is planning to institute a carbon tax, which works by making people pay more for using any kind of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas.

Pajama vote

Enough already about the election. It's done and over with. Let it drop. Get back to the people wearing pajamas for God's sake.

A small victory

After years of voting straight, which all voters know is very simple and fast, I split my ticket this year because of one candidate. Kurt Masser was definitely worth the small, extra effort. Anyone aware of his performance record knows he has shown himself to be the man for the job.

Tighten up

Hey, Jenna, great article this week about rolling jeans. Looks a lot better than seeing butt cracks with those baggy, loose jeans.