Mills and bills

Council will seek a judge's permission for a tax of 30 mills under a state law protecting financially stressed municipalities. This must be testified to under oath before a Northumberland County judge. I hope the judge asks whoever is testifying whether a (proposed) $9,350 salary increase for the city clerk is essential to asking for keeping the extra tax millage.

On target

Notable increase in spending includes a proposed $9,000 increase for the city clerk Steve Bartos. What percent increase raise is that? Twenty-five? Boy, is that ever "on target." I hope the judges rake these guys over the coals for asking for a millage increase while giving out a $9,000 raise in one year to one employee.

In distress

The city budget has legislative salaries and benefits listed in today's News-Item article. That's for a mayor and four council members, just for discussion sake. That comes to around a salary and benefit package of roughly $18,000 per council member. No wonder the city is financially distressed. Is that why we need to keep a 5-mill increase? I hope the judge calls them out on this one, and good job to Eric Scicchitano for his reporting.

Crying game

OK, sad Republicans. All together now: One, two, three, Waaaaaa! Waaaaaa!

Not on list

Northumberland County commissioners: You should look into the goings on of the transportation system for the elderly. On Thursday, I got done at 4 p.m. and was waiting for them to take me home. When the vans arrived, they told me that I wasn't on their list. After waiting a while to see if another van was coming for me, I had to call my family to come get me and that didn't happen until 5:30 p.m. Frog's take: The commissioners have commented a number of times recently about the problems.

All wet

A recent caller stated "those people (from New York) will drown before they get a penny of my money." That's why the government collects taxes that support programs like FEMA - because if it were up to the "moral" conservatives, they'd let people die simply because they don't agree with them.


I really had hoped the people would choose to bring back power and dignity to the White House. Instead they chose more unemployment, higher taxes, forced health care programs and more and more people sitting back with their palms up, expecting the government to take care of them at the expense of the struggling taxpayers.

Big red

The recession has pushed more lower-income Americans to rely on government assistance like food stamps, but nearly 70 percent of all benefits of these programs go to white people. Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that the overwhelming majority of counties with the fastest-growth in food-stamp aid during the last four years voted for the Republican presidential candidate in 2008. I guess this is why Northumberland County always goes red.

Off a cliff

The article says the city's loan plan could free thousands of dollars. So we hand out an outrageous raise of $9,000 to one non-union employee? Is city council going off the fiscal cliff? I don't spend money that I could get until I am sure I will get it, especially not $9,000. Frog's take: For the record, that salary is part of a proposed budget that council must approve.

Pity party

I would like to have a pity party for the Republican party. This one is for all you Fox News-watching Republicans, especially you, Froggy. One, two, three awwww! Frog's take: Since when is "Regular Show" and "Adventure Time" on Fox News?


We have the worst do-nothing Republican Congress in history. In two years we will be voting to elect some of them back. It is time to change Congress and get rid of the obstructionists. Frog's take: The election just ended. Give it a rest!