Can't afford it

I am calling about the vote on Tuesday for a loan to renovate the American Legion building with a payback of $5.3 million. Leave it alone. Let the new council members coming in deal with it. We cannot afford this when we have to borrow money to pay the bills for the rest of the year. You have us so far in debt we don't know which way to turn.

Another star

To the woman who wants to make the paper stars: Try Beiter's department store on the main street in Danville.


I read the story in the paper about the power outage. I also would like to thank the Shamokin and Coal Township fire police being out all those hours doing traffic control. The unsung heros.

Working stiffs

If you work full time at minimum wage, you are poor. If you work full time at minimum wage and have a family, you are very poor. If you work full time at minimum wage and have a family and your food stamps were reduced, you are poor and hungry.


The people of Kentucky should vote out crybaby Rand Paul.

Not his fault

About the Affordable Care Act, it wasn't President Obama's fault that they canceled their insurance. It was the insurance companies that canceled the people's insurance, Not Obama's. President Obama is sorry about that.

City fathers

Reading today's paper, I see our city fathers want to borrow more money for the American legion building when they can't pay their current bills without borrowing money. On Tuesday evening, we will have our citizens there to tell them how they feel about the tax increases that will never put a dent in their borrowing. Someone should ask them if this is the way they run their household.

A good man

I just saw on TV that Bill Milbrand got the mayor's job by one vote. I am glad. He is a nice man who comes from a good family. He has lived in Shamokin all his life. He is also the choir director at his church. I am not saying Mr. McGaw isn't nice, but he is not too well known in this town. Congratulations, Mr. Mayor.

Give a call

For the person who called, "Way to go, chief," she should call the insurance company. The number is on the back of her insurance. She can do an application over the phone; they will approve it. Then they will send her something in the mail. She will have to send it in within 14 days, and she will have insurance for another year until Obamacare kicks in.


On Wednesday, I was going home to Mount Carmel on Route 487. I want to thank the gentleman from Elysburg who helped me with my car that was disabled. He was very nice, and I never got his name. I got help from the officer from Columbia County, and everything turned out great.


Finally, a call makes it into Sound Off about the out-and-out Communists, of which there are 82 Democrats in Congress bankrupting and destroying this wonderful country of ours. I have been trying all year, and I'm glad I succeeded.