Mr. Mom

Good news: All the guys who are losing their insurance for better Obamacare coverage will now have their pregnancies covered.

Bad info

I don't know why or who told somebody that Kulpmont Borough does not won the current borough hall. It was signed over years ago for one dollar.

Get though it

About the girl who is trying to be a wrestler on the boys team at Line Mountain, my son, when he was coaching, got presented with the same problem. When the opposing team put the girl on the mat, my son forfeited the bout because he wasn't going to put his wrestler through that match.

Long enough

I call in to Sound Off every once in a while and I have one complaint: I wish it would go from 30 seconds to one minute, because 30 seconds just isn't enough time for me to get everything off of my chest. The older I get the more I like to complain. If you had it for one minute, then I could start my day off by doing all my complaining. Let's see if we can work on that. Frog's take: NO!

Please call

To the people who witnessed the awful beating of the dog, please call SPCA Animal Abuse at 570-662-5042.

Real funny

The real funny papers aren't located in the comic section of the newspaper. They are located in "Sound Off." Statements by those uninformed, convenient, short-term memories taken from politicians' comments, etc. Is it hilarity or pathology? Who cares? It's first-rate comedy at its unintended best.

In agreement

I wholeheartedly agree with The News-Item that state law to publicly advertise meeting notices, bid solicitations and other important public information should remain unchanged. One thing, though: Would you please give us the name and number of the proposed bill? Of course, that would facilitate our contacting our senator and congressman, so we may voice opposition to the proposed change. Frog's take: Good point. It's Senate Bill 733.