Giving undue credit

Now that the gas prices are lower than they have been in several years, I wonder why no one is calling in to compliment the president. Frog's take: Um, maybe because the president, Republican or Democrat, still has nothing to do with the gas prices?

House of horrors

The neighbors in the 100 block of South Shamokin Street have petitioned the code officer, gone to the police and have made numerous calls to dog law enforcement regarding another neighbor with wild dogs, including a pit bull, filth and garbage in their basement and constant noise and trash on the sidewalk in front of the house. Someone has already been bitten, the dogs mess the yards and a woman in her 80s has fallen over the sidewalk junk. Nothing has been done. What are the police and the code officer being paid for?

Need the Lord

I would like to applaud Rita Campbell for her letter to the editor for her courage in standing up for the truth about homosexuality and abortion. I love the person, but do not condone the sin. If I didn't speak the truth, I would be guilty of agreeing with you. Again, I am not your judge; the Lord is. People need the Lord. I am not a perfect person, but I pray each day for the Lord's guidance to live a life pleasing to him. In the end, He will get the glory.

Like it is

I agree with the caller who said you should start running Ann Coulter's column in the newspaper. She may not be polite or politically correct, but she tells it like it is, and she is truthful. I certainly welcome her commentary as opposed to that pinhead, Walt Brasch.


In regard to "stuck in the middle" about the crosswalk sign in Kulpmont, I believe they have to follow specific guidelines set by PennDOT, and that is why the signs appear in the center lanes. That is where they must be.

Just one thing

In response to "The grudge," it is one thing to let go of a grudge, but when a person has a habit of letting you down over and over again, I think it is best to walk away. Life is too short to be disappointed by a naive person forever. Frog's take: "Wear the grudge like a crown of negativity. Calculate what you will or will not tolerate." - Tool

Bless firefighters

I would like to thank all the firemen and all the personnel who came out to the fire on Arch Street in Coal Township on Friday morning. God bless all of them, and there was lots to help. You are wonderful people. We live in the surrounding neighborhood and God bless you because you were there for us.

Hatred rules

Sen. Toomey discovered that hatred for Obama outweighed the will of 90 percent of the people.