Red menace

Northumberland County is caught misusing taxpayer money and Vinny blames the government. How stupid does he think we are? Slap trap

What do you people want? People try to do good for this area and they get slapped in the face every time. The AOAA has made a lot of changes to that place and it should pan out pretty nice. Let them alone.

Trouble galore

Northumberland County, what a joke. The joke of Pennsylvania. Another lawsuit lost by former employee at $117,000. Judge OKs buying community time for convicts at $5 an hour. Four thousand dollars found in gift cards in county safe. HUD audits, $177,000 must be repaid. Heads got to start rolling in Northumberland County, starting at the top.


Regarding the Mount Carmel swimming pool: I hope they decide to keep the pool open. It is a shame that those people left all that money for the pool. Now, they'll just fill it up with dirt.

Holy days, not holidays

I am calling about the person who said that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are OK. You are totally wrong. Christmas and Easter are supposed to be holy days, not holidays. I am just glad that Jesus didn't return when I was opening my Christmas presents or eating my chocolate cross and rabbit. Don't you realize Satan took those two holy reminders away from God and gave it to paganism? Frog's take: You sound like you are a real hoot around the holidays.

Healer Mass

I would like to thank Father Frank for his beautiful healing Mass at Our Lady's church. Father Frank, thank you so much, and the music of Lift Your Spirits was so beautiful. God bless you and have a great day.

Because Obama

Obama proudly said that no matter what America was before, it is not a Christian nation now. The number two man in Al-Qaeda said on TV that to bring down America, they must destroy the cross, the symbol of Christianity, because it is what makes America strong. Sounds like he and Obama are on the same page.

No attention

I am calling in regards to the meeting for the lights at Walmart. It is not the township's fault for the accidents at the intersection. Blame the speeders who try to beat the light or those who are not paying attention when they turn for either shopping center.

Over the borderline

After reading the entire article on the county's administration of the homeless grant, I have concluded that this was worse than mismanagement. It borders on criminal, and should be investigated further.

Give it back

All the benefits the Shamokin Area school teachers have, they should start giving some of this money back that they are asking for. What they are getting is too much.

Queens of Stone Age

I would just like to congratulate the editor of Sound Off, Frog, on winning prom queen at the Brady Fire Co. Once again, congratulations, Frog. Frog's take: It took you a whole week to come up with that? Well, you are a regular riot.

Eye for an eye

In regards to "Double down," taking about double standards for pro-life and the death penalty, what did a child do? That child did nothing. He or she did not commit a crime. He or she didn't ask to be born. What did a person that got the death penalty do? In most cases they are murderers. The Bible tells you an eye for an eye.

No growth

Where do they come up with these BS figures on their job reports? It said two hundred and some thousand jobs were created, but three hundred and some thousand jobs were lost because of layoffs. How is the economy growing?


No wonder you Democrats aren't crying. Us hard-working Republicans are paying for the free handouts you receive: money, food and cell phones. Should I go on?

Point of entry

Hey, Democrats, first the minimum wage was never meant to be a self-sustaining wage to support a family. It is an entry-level position. Second of all, if they raise the minimum wage, there will be fewer minimum-wage jobs because employers will hire fewer people; therefore it is going to hurt the very people that you think it would help. Get in the real world, Democrats.

Simple explanation

This is for the bleeding heart who wants to know how state governments can claim to be pro-life while imposing the death penalty. The explanation for that is that the unborn child is a completely innocent being and deserves a chance to live. Those who are put to death are vicious killers who have committed unspeakable acts and, therefore, deserve to be executed. It is a simple as that.

Keep on truckin'

Unemployment is at a five-year low, the stock market is higher than it has ever been before and 10 million people are newly covered with health insurance. There is only one network that is rooting for failure. The rest of us should be celebrating the success of our nation, which is moving forward.

Super scooper

Why can't Shamokin and surrounding towns enact pooper-scooper laws such as other cities have so that dog owners must clean up after their animals when they have made a mess? It is disgusting.

Pull the plug

This is for "Double down" and the state double standards. Pro-life is for an innocent baby and the death penalty is for ridding society of walking scumbags.