Hush puppies

I love how all of the gun-control advocates hushed up after the new DOJ reports showing that gun crimes have gone way down.

Obama sheep

Well, now you went and done it, "liar pile!" You accused the Obama administration of misleading the American public. You know what is going to happen now? The Obama sheep will now tell you all the misleading stuff Republicans have done in the past. Double standards are a way of life with the Obama administration. Quit playing politics.

Drudge it up

I suggest the paper run a series of famous murder cases. Maybe an update and photos of how the lifers are doing. I think it would boost circulation.

Tipping point

The Obama administration, with all of its scandals and violations of Constitution, will soon come crashing down. The IRS, DOJ, Holder, Clinton and, yes, Benghazi, are only the tips of the icebergs. Mark my words, there is so much more to this story that has not come to light yet.

Loony toons

Bugs Bunny, I sympathize with you and your Sound Off in the Friday edition. I agree with you. Just remember, the Muslims aren't even happy with the burial of that no good bum who killed everybody up in Boston and all those people without arms and legs. But the Muslims aren't happy with the burial.

To the brim

This is for "hoarders." The reason that these animals aren't able to be taken anywhere is because all the shelters are no-kill. It sounds great, but when they have too many animals, you can't take an animal there. They drop them off on the highway, so then if you try to trap them the shelter won't take them anyway. I took in a cat. It was sick and I paid all the bills to have it euthanized because it was already sick, which is probably why somebody dropped it off in the first place.

Adult swim

I was happy to read that Mount Carmel will repair its swimming pool. So what is happening with the Rock Street pool in Shamokin? Will that pool be open May 30? Did they replace that pump?

War zone

I was just wondering when the Coal Township Street Department is going to get out here on Walnut Street and pave the street? They milled it about a week and a half ago and now it is like a war zone out here. I was just wondering when they are going to come out and do this.

In the tank

If investigating journalists were doing their jobs, the IRS, Benghazi and their own investigations could have been discovered last year. It is a travesty when the news media is in the tank for one party. It is like a Nazi or Communist country.

Dropping like flies

Frog, you have a tough job listening to all these complaints. My call was in the paper about the IRS investigating and harassing people, but the word harassing was dropped. Yet today at the IRS hearings several congressmen called the IRS not only harassing, but worse. Why are certain words dropped when you published the calls when they are not slanderous? Thanks and keep up the good work. Frog's take: Well, it is as simple as sometimes I can't make out words in the voice messages and sometimes the messages get chopped up when that robot lady comes on and tells you that you have 15 seconds left.

Hanging tree

The Obama administration is similar to trying to save a tree by trimming the branches when the roots are rotten.


I want to know when Coal Township is going to come out here and pave Walnut and Arch Street. It is like a dustbowl out here.