Not in union

The people running the Northumberland County Prison have to check with the unions to see if they can check the guards? Northumberland County doesn't need a prison. What would you need a prison for if the union is making the decision?

Yellow nightmare

Imagine, the sadistic, sexual psychopath who imprisoned those girls was a school bus driver.

The hotline

I would like to thank the police for the drug hotline. I live in Mount Carmel. I was walking through the town park, and there were two youngsters walking in front of me. One of them was in a panic on the telephone and I heard him tell his friend that he had to give his dealer a heads-up in Shamokin.

Please call back

I called the food service director at Shamokin Area eight times and left messages and still no call returned. Why send a letter home when you don't return phone calls? Please return my phone call. Frog's take: Try someone else at the school.

With Bridy

The only people yelling about Commissioner Bridy's move to cut the county elected officials' salaries are the politicians who are getting these big salaries. Keep going, Bridy. We are with you.

Foggy notion

This is in reference to Commissioner Bridy's motion about cutting everybody's salary in the county: I think he better come in out of the fog and quit trying to hurt the good, hard workers of Northumberland County. Get out there and try to bring some business to town.

Part-time circus

Isn't it something that Bridy and Clausi don't think that they deserve full-time salaries? For them, I have to agree, but not for the other officeholders.

Gone, gone, gone

I agree with Commissioners Clausi and Bridy. Seventy percent of the jobs in the county are patronage jobs. If you go to work, you go to work. If you don't, they don't even know you are gone.

Doggie don't

I am calling to see how many dogs you need before you can get a kennel license. I know a lady that has six to eight dogs in her house, and it stinks. I think they have too many animals. Somebody told me to call you to find out to find out how many animals you actually need. Frog's take: Do I look like I run a puppy mill?

The reason

Regarding the cuts to the elected salaried people of Northumberland County: The people want to know why they are doing this. Well, those two are trying to save their political careers by making it look good by saving the taxpayers money.