Gritty kitty

The city cannot consider a cat license rule. They should act now in enforcing the law. I live in the Academy Hill section, and when I mow my lawn, it looks like a litter box from the stray cats. What is good for the dog owners should be good for the cats.

Cat nap

Why don't these residents with their beautiful gardens that are complaining about cats - which are God's creatures and great companions - get live traps, catch them and get a home for them? Wouldn't that solve the problem?

Great migration

Send all the cats to Kulpmont, Shamokin. Maybe they can get rid of the rats running around town.

That will be the day

About this cat licensing in The News-Item: The day that I can walk down Independence Street and not have to watch every step to avoid somebody else's dog dirt, then I will license my cat.

Follow the leader

Attention Mount Carmel council: There are more cats roaming around Mount Carmel than taxpayers.

Culture vulture

I was impressed with the Shamokin Area High School choral concert on Monday night. The efforts by the students, teachers, musicians and all involved was very enjoyable to watch. The addition of the Choraliers for the final song was also a great treat. More people should take advantage of the free musical culture right here in Shamokin. We hear so many bad things about our area. The good things that we have going don't get enough attendance. Maybe some people would like to attend the pops concert at the high school Friday.


For the person who wants Kurt Masser to get unemployment extensions pushed through: If you have run through the initial unemployment and need the extension, I'm sorry to say, unless you had been working a very long time prior to losing your job, you likely didn't earn that money. What you are looking for IS a handout from the government and the taxpayers.

I'm sorry you are in the situation where you need the help, but stop sugarcoating it so you can live with yourself and accept the fact that you ARE looking for a handout. Then, when it comes time to vote, choose wisely. It's not only illegal immigrants who get government handouts.

Bill him

Since the guy who organized the AOAA protest openly stated he would break the law by trespassing and encouraged others to do so, will he be getting the bill for the police presence that was required at his failed protest?

I think it's only fair. While he has a right to protest, he doesn't have a right to trespass and by stating he was planning on breaking the law, more police were needed. It ends up costing everyone.