Rocket in flight

I wish these people would stop complaining about the cost of electricity. Obama said years ago that electricity would skyrocket. We get forty percent of our electricity from coal and his EPA is closing the coal mines. He went around Congress. I didn't vote for him, but I have to pay his prices.

Ladies' night

This is for all the ladies out there, can anyone tell me how many coal burners there are in Shamokin? This is for the ladies only.

Urban jungle

Hey, Goon Squad, I think I'll take you down to the projects in Brooklyn, like you could get in there, and drop you off some Friday night and tell them that you call yourselves the Goon Squad. Guaranteed you all come home wearing dresses.

Empty pockets

Since the United States is in debt for over a trillion dollars, where is Obama getting a billion dollars to send to the Ukraine?

No dogs

If the reason why the cemetery doesn't plow their roads, it is because they don't want you up there walking you dog.

Be informed

Well, people certainly should compare prices on everything including fuel. However, keep in mind there are many people who are on these budget plans and I think if these companies were actually concerned about their customers they would inform their customers when they were raising prices.

Up in flames

I am calling about the oil. Somebody said that they paid $4.19. It cost me $830 for 200 gallons and four and a half weeks it is gone already. I think it is a disgrace.

My hero

Fox News has a brand new hero: Vladimir Putin.

Know nothing

Daryl Issa has behaved poorly and disrespectfully along with wasting $14 millio and 97,000 man hours on IRS investigations that have repeatedly have shown nothing.

Great staff

I saw all the negative things about Bob Belfanti and now I saw a positive one that he deserves a lot of praise and pats on the back. I agree with that, but he also had a fantastic staff.

Black listed

ABC, CBS, etc., have excluded scientists critical of global warming for more that 1,300 days.

Old fuel

We live in the coal region, go back to your coal stoves. The coal is way cheaper than the oil. When you get your oil tank filled up you can't get no more. If you have coal at least you can hoard it in your cellar.