In New Jersey

So you visited one liquor store in New Jersey and formed an opinion about the entire system? I lived in Jersey for a few years, and I can tell you the prices are much cheaper. Yes, most smaller stores are more expensive than the larger ones in New Jersey. It's the same concept as items at a convenience store costing a lot more than the same items at a supermarket. You also have more beer quantity options in New Jersey - six-, 12-, 24- and 30-packs. You can buy four separate six-packs of lager in New Jersey for $4 cheaper than a 24-pack here, 30 miles away from the brewery it's produced in. And so what if immigrants run those stores?

Pay for recycling

You would think after all this time in which Mount Carmel residents have to pay $2 a week for recycling that someone among the paid politicians would come up with an idea to collect all recyclables, not just some of them, and without having to pay.

Thanks for support

I am calling about Jenna Wasakoski's article. It is the best I ever read yet. It means a lot that you are standing up for gays and gay marriage. It means a lot. I hope people learn something from you. You have a great head on your shoulders. Keep on writing.

Pastor objects

I am calling about the article by Jenna Waskakoski about gay and lesbian marriage. I think it is disgraceful this article was in during Holy Week. It is against God's plan. If she would read the Bible and know what she is reading, including through the New Testament. I hope the newspaper doesn't print anything like this again. I am a pastor.

I am having a disagreement with my spouse. Have you, Frog, or any Sound Off readers heard the name Jodi Arias? Just curious. Frog's take: Murder trial in Arizona.

In opposition

Hello, Frog, I must say when you are a very one-sided individual when it comes to the subject of same-sex marriage. I know we have called in a few times against gay marriage. My friends have done so also. Anything that is in favor of same-sex marriage is printed. In fact, Jenna Wasakoski has a one-page spread about it.


Frog, I would like to know one thing. Why do you reporters believe everything Kurt Masser, the CEO at Geisinger and some guys on the AOAA authority say? Is it just to get articles in the paper, or what? I would like to sit down with one of you someday and just hear a truthful answer to that?

No bipartisanship

Republican congressmen keep talking bipartisanship, but when it comes time to vote, there is no bipartisanship.

Is it wrong?

I'd like to know if it is wrong for a person to stand up for Medicare and Medicaid for senior citizens. Is it wrong to stand up for Social Security and to protect our police officers and give them their jobs back and give our postal service workers their jobs back? Is it wrong to try to keep guns off the street? If it is, this culture has gone to hell. We have a president who stands up for these things.

No trial?

If the state of Georgia wastes taxpayer money by putting that 17-year-old guy on trial for killing a 13-month-old baby boy and wounding his mother, there is something wrong with our judicial system.

Water bill

Another PR for Aqua PA. Several months ago, I had a bill for eight thousand gallons of water, and my normal usage for a whole year is two thousand dollars. I was told, that's too bad, that's what the meter read. I threatened to call the PUC, but I dropped the issue, and paid the bill. It was $50 more than the usual total.

New prison?

Where did they come up with this idea that prisoners should live in the lap of luxury? If the prison is old and dilapidated, close it. Send the prisoners somewhere else and forget the new prison.

Customer service

The problem with the water company's customer care is that you are dealing with people from out of town. They don't know anything that is going on here. All they have is a paper with an account number and your meter charges. They have no time to hear you out because they are dealing with customers from all over the state. Customer service should be local.