Burning question

This is for the city council and mayor of Shamokin: You're always looking for something to make an ordinance for, why don't you make one that says if your building burns, it must be torn down within a year or fixed up in that time? These people get insurance money for their buildings and don't want to spend it tearing the house down. I know of one on Sunbury Street owned by a guy in Kulpmont that's just sitting there. He doesn't care, he doesn't have to look at it.

Fair warning

When are the county school districts going to get rid of the occupation tax and go to the Act 24 Earned Income Tax of 2001 like all the other civilized counties? Did our district heads forget about it, or don't they want to be fair about our taxes? Selinsgrove went with it in 2002 and Midd-West School District in 2005 and all is just fine in Snyder County. Why? Because it is fair. Let's get it on the next referendum already and advertise the benefits.

Dinner bell

Anybody have a good recipe for barbecue groundhog?

National insult

As a combat veteran of OIF, I am so tired of reading the ignorant Sound Off comments about the war being a waste. Those comments are insults to the men and women who put their lives on the line and sacrificed so much, especially those who gave their all. The truth is we liberated millions of people from a ruthless dictator who was convicted of mass murder and crimes against humanity. When we finally took control over Iraq in April 2003, our convoys down the streets of Bagdad were like riding through grand parades lined with the Iraqi people cheering for and thanking us for ousting Saddam. I am proud of the job we did no matter what kind of garbage people make up. Frog's take: Well said, and thank you for your sacrifice and service, caller.

Pooling resources

I cannot believe the school board, not all, but some, are voting not to repair the pool. Football is good, but you know what? There are other sports, and you need to support them all. There is a school board meeting April 18 at 7 p.m. Please come save a very important part of our community.

Year after year

You got to be kidding? Runaway debt, no budget, doesn't know what compromise means and only cares about getting votes. One quick question - are you at home watching TV living off of government funds while I am working my butt off and paying higher taxes than I ever did in my life to support those who won't get a job and vote Democratic year after year?


Is it not the responsibility of a free press to pursue the truth wherever it may lead, as Fox News attempts to do as a watchdog for the populace and not a lapdog for Mr. Obama and his failing economic and foreign policies? ABC, CBS and NBC apparently only report what is approved by the Obama administration. Maybe we should shut down Fox and be totally like the former USSR, state controlled information?

Two timers

President Obama complains about the mess President Bush left him and said before the election it would take more than one term to straighten out the mess. I am saying Gov. Corbett needs more than one term to straighten out the mess Gov. Rendell left in our state.

Three buck Chuck

Thank you, Mount Carmel Township supervisors, for raising my sewer bill another $3 per quarter. I am glad you feel you need the money more than I need it in my retirement check.

Better than nothing

Reading The News-Item e-poll question, will the Shamokin Area School be safer now with three armed guards, showed 45 percent yes and 68 percent no. If the school board did nothing and something happened in school, what would your answer be then? Better to have some protection than none.

Gas pains

Gas in Lewisburg on Wednesday, March 20, was $3.56 a gallon. Why is it so high in Shamokin? I won't buy any gas here in town. I'll wait until I am in another town to get it cheaper.

The greatest

Barack Hussein Obama will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents ever. Make my words on that. Frog's take: What color is the sky in your world?

About a girl

The caller from Mount Carmel complaining about a woman only living in town for six months and running for mayor should realize that it is for mayor of Mount Carmel, not the president of the United States.

Equal opportunity

Thanks, Frog, for your response to "Say, say, say." It is amazing how arrogant and blind Democrats like that caller can be. Are they not aware that Pelosi, Reed and Biden are Democrats? A much wiser man than us also said something that applies to that caller: "Why do you notice the splinter in your own eye and do not perceive the wooden beam in your own eye?"