Law is lost

The government punishes law-abiding citizens for the crimes of criminals by usurping the people's constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms. The rule of law is lost, as is the credibility of the government.

No riders

Please, Reading Anthracite, stop the ATV riding on Coal Hill. Please.

Leading cause

Frog, concerning the talk in Sound Off about divorce, it is a nationally known fact that marriage is the leading cause of divorce.

Fresh faces

Voters of the Shamokin Area School District, please take notice there are four new candidates who have filed for election. Please, let's have a clean slate.

The legacy

We will soon mark the 10th anniversary of one of the most shameful events in American history. The Iraq war was started on false pretenses and has killed and maimed thousands and disgraced us around the world. It will always be the Bush legacy, and we can never let it happen again.

No change

So the state wants to get out of the liquor business and sell off the liquor stores, but they are willing to give low-interest loans to the beer distributors to help pay for the inventory and the licenses to sell the wine and spirits in their beer distributors. Until the debts are paid, wouldn't the state still be in the liquor business?

Never forget

No Republican has ever referred to people on Social Security and Medicare as takers. I will help you understand some things: Social Security eligibility age starts at 62. Medicare eligibility starts at 65. No one is on Social Security and Medicare for their lifetime. President Bush's tax cuts were for everyone. I am in the middle class, and my taxes were lowered. Thank you, President Bush. Oh yeah, about the wars. I guess you forgot about 9/11. I know I will never forget it.

Good times

Congratulations to the hard-working parent organization who brings so many interesting assemblies to the Lourdes students. What a great opportunity for the students for both fun and learning.

What costs more?

Texas defunded family planning clinics, resulting in the closing of many clinic sites. Texas now claims the infamous distinction of the highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation. What cost the taxpayers more?