Cause and effect?

Pay attention: The pope retires/resigns, and the stock market sets records, housing starts are up, the unemployment rate is down and Obama's popularity increases. If some of our county officials and top state government individuals retired, our country would prosper.

Not at casinos

I agree with the editorial. State troopers should not be providing security at the casinos. Let the casinos pay for their own security. State troopers should be out patrolling the highways and protecting us from drunk drivers.

Not Rand

I said it, Frog, back when Obama was running for re-election. Rand Paul is one goof-off. He is one crazy person. He needs help. I said it once, and I'm saying it again. The Republican Party is going to collapse, just like the Tea Party.


That was a great article by Jake Betz in Friday's edition. Why doesn't someone write an article that suggests that Shamokin City Council and Coal Township commissioners get together to form a committee to study the feasibility and cost-savings of merging the fire departments and police departments, and eventually the two communities?

Tale of the tapes

Since it is not against the law or prohibited by county policy to allow someone to make copies of tapes of past commissioner meetings as long as the person wanting the tapes pay for the service of copying the tapes and since the county solicitor and two commissioners want to destroy the tapes, why noy just give the original tapes to Shoch and charge him for the cost of the tapes? That way, at least the taxpayers would assume the cost of the tapes. Remember Watergate? This sounds like Northumberlandgate.

High rating

I read Mr. Betz's column on the past and the future and how to rate people who hold office. I live in Roosevelt Court in Kulpmont, which is thanks to the mayor at the time who wanted to save the building. There is a nursing school and a rehab center there now, too. I would say that politician deserves some kudos, because it is better in Kulpmont now.

Papal conclave

To those who wish to keep accurately informed of the papal conclave: Watch EWTN, Channel 21, and go to their website. Also is very informative. For those with Sirius XM satellite radio, tune in to Catholic channels 129 or 130, at home or in your vehicle.

Obama or Bush?

Frog, all they do is put down Obama in Sound Off. You have nothing good to say about him. Look at the records of what Obama has done in the last four years, and what Bush did in eight years. Tell me, who did better? Bush is nothing.

Money stolen

To the person who stole my garbage money off my mailbox in Mount Carmel: I have your picture from a video camera.

Cut the trips

I see President Obama is putting an end to White House tours to save money for the Secret Service. What about his trips and Mrs. Obama's trip? They are unnecessary, such as for TV shows and playing golf with Tiger Woods.

More on trips

The White House suspended public tours, but First Family trips are in full swing. It costs Biden more than a million dollars a year to play golf.