Down the middle

I read Sound Off daily in your paper and the majority of the calls that come in there are six of one, half a dozen of the other. You get in trouble no matter what you do.

Running the streets

I am calling in regard to the Kulpmont kids running the street on the 1100 blocks of Scott, Chestnut and Poplar streets. I think they should watch their kids so they are not getting hit by cars.

Rose tinted

After reading the article about the teen arrested in Ocean City, I no longer want to be a News-Item subscriber. I don't know about everybody else, but I want to read news that inspires people and restores people's faith in mankind, not about exploiting a teenager for his mistakes. Frog's take: Well, the world is not all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, and these are serious charges. And if you look, you'll find the inspiring stories, too.

Beginning of the end

The so-called immigration reform bill includes a national ID and national database component. That is how fascism starts, with that and gun control.

Control issues

A landmark ruling on same-sex marriage will only bring a landmark earthquake in the United States. God is still in control, not unelected judges.

It's my party

Froggy, one of your brain-dead Democrats called in claiming that you are a Republican. We all know that you are a hard-core, liberal, Obama-loving Democrat. Don't insult my toad or reptile party.

All parked up

I see there is another person parking all his vehicles on the sidewalk on Spurzheim Street. How can you enforce the law when you break them because you are a councilman? Frog's take: Who is a councilman? Mr. Gilligbauer didn't make it for council.