Don't shoot

About the cats that are running around in Shamokin, if they are found I hope the Shamokin police or whoever catches them do not shoot them. I hope they tranquilize them and put them somewhere where they can live out their natural lives.

Another one

Another one out of Washington D.C.: An assistant IRS administrator visited the White House 310 times. Thank you, Fox News, for keeping us informed.

AOAA project

How in the heck did the DCNR approve those AOAA plans already? It has taken them more than two years to OK plans to replace a footbridge in the state forest. Two years for a footbridge! Maybe we should have Vinny installed on the DCNR board as he certainly knows how to get things done in a timely manner. I see where there is an executive position available at DCNR.

Nice, but ...

We have many compliments about the north end of Mount Carmel looking very nice with the recreation complex, but we have one building down here, the old Kramer building, where there are junk vehicles around it for six or seven years. Something has to be done.

Liar, liar

Sen. Mitch McConnell is paranoid. He is an outright liar on the IRS situation.

Ticket to ride

Every time I make a call about the police chief on the school board, you don't put it in. Is that because you're afraid of getting a ticket? Frog's take: Sure, whatever you say. But maybe you could call from a house phone or with better cell reception, because this call was barely audible.

Steel curtain

In regards to the small piece in the sports section about the judge rejecting a Steelers' bid for taxpayers to pay for an additional 3,000 seats, I bet that judge is one of those numbskull, sissy wimps who doesn't know the difference between volleyball and basketball. Frog's take: Or, maybe it's the grossly rich sports organizations that don't know the difference between private investment and public dollars.

Different tune

Just got done watching Newswatch 16 and those Bengal tigers are just like any other house cats. It all depends on how you raise them. They are beautiful cats, and they are domestic cats, and they are not dangerous. I hope nobody hurts them. Frog's take: They sounded awfully ferocious on those original TV reports.

Scared and hungry

I'm calling about the Bengal cats, about how people are scared of them. Did anyone think to call the SPCA? I think it's totally blown out of proportion. They're not going to attack people, they're probably scared and hungry. Frog's take: The game commission was contacted, but I don't know about the SPCA.