Double parking

Space, space, space. The cop who gave a ticket to someone for double parking has no heart or brain. What are they supposed to do - find a parking place a block and a half or more away and then carry everything back to the house?

Tire hoarding

When does hoarding junk tires to feed an addiction become a problem? When you don't pay your bills?

More mistakes

This is in response to Mr. Masser's thing in the paper. Everyone makes mistakes. Being privatized isn't going to stop mistakes. Even he is making a mistake with this privatization issue, but he just doesn't see it yet.

Chill out

For the Obama haters: They should just calm themselves. It is unlikely that he can destroy the Constitution and turn us into Socialists or Communists in the three years remaining in his term.

Where is Biden?

Does anyone out there know what has happened to Vice President Joe Biden? I didn't know foot-in-mouth disease was terminal. Does anyone have any word on that? Frog's take: Nice!

Where's my mule?

In regard to the person that thinks everyone who is less fortunate has an ATV to enter the AOAA's 6,400 acres: What about the less fortunate local residents who walk, hike, and use their personal vehicles to travel to their favorite campsite, fishing spot, and just ride the 6,400 acres with their families? For your information, these other activities are still charged a fee. Can less fortunate families afford to do this? No. So, for your information, not everyone owns an ATV. I personally used this land with my family for 35 years, and we do not own an ATV. You are simple-minded.

Big game

Obama's upcoming vacation to Africa is going to cost us $60 to $100 million. Let's see the IRS top that.

Changing stripes

If Obama became a Republican tomorrow, the news media would blame him for doubling the deficit, not reducing unemployment, letting his banker friends get away with causing the financial collapse, covering up the Benghazi attacks, failing to prevent the Boston attack, his drone attacks and squandering billions on green companies.