Goal is our soul

I believe the commander in chief has deserted his post. He has violated his oath of office and thumbed his nose at the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the American people. His goal is to destroy the American way of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. He should be impeached and tried for breaking the law and failing to defend the Constitution. He acts like an atheist and a communist.

Like clockwork

So the ex-mayor finally got his comeuppance. I knew he was a bully and a trouble maker, so it comes as no surprise to find out he is also a thief. He made a lot of problems for my family. I guess it is true: What goes around comes, and when it does, it comes back with vengeance.

Clown car

I see where the Zerbini Family Circus was in Kulpmont on the tenth of June. Come to the 1200 block of Poplar Street in Kulpmont where every night there is a family circus.

Keep on

Keep it up, Vinny, you are doing good.

Citizens on patrol

It was a sad day indeed when a few vindictive Kulpmont Borough Council members took exception to a private citizen's efforts to clean and restore the welcome signs at each end of town. They should be ashamed of themselves, not only for allowing the signs to deteriorate, but for criticizing a civic-minded borough resident who was concerned enough that he used his own time and money to help beautify the town.

Random kindness

Wow! At first I thought I was reading about a future skit that Saturday Night Live would be airing, but then realized it was some of Kulpmont's esteemed council members displaying their venom. I wouldn't know Mr. Lutz if I bumped into him on the street, but reading some of his articles and actions regarding Kulpmont, I am of the opinion that he is a very intelligent, knowledgeable person with a desire to do what's best for his borough. I wish certain members of council would follow his example instead of seeking personal vendettas. Stay tuned to see if Kulpmont institutes a SWAT team to curb further acts of kindness.


I see another bonehead here thinks that guns are walking around killing people. It is not the guns, it is the misguided people that are doing it. If you are really want to get technical, I guess we are going to have to eliminate kitchen knives and hammers, so we can't have carpenters and housewives anymore.

Snaps at everyone

I am also calling about the black dog running loose. It also runs loose on Third and Spruces streets and it snaps at everybody. The cops knows whose dog this is, and I wish they would do something about it.

Dr. Strangefrog

We'll Frog, how about you? I am ready. Nuclear war. Let's do it, baby! Kill, kill, kill! Frog's take: As long as I get to ride the bomb Slim Pickens-style, I am in.

Take, take, take

The Fourth of July is coming up shortly, when we gained our freedom, and I am tired of reading about disarming all Americans and taking our weapons away; that is what everybody is trying to do.


Happy Father's day to my pop. You deserve a month, a year of Father's Days. After all, you had to deal with mother, and we all know how bad that really was.

Real deal

My wife and I were recently in the Elysburg Dollar General and what a surprise. They gave us real smiles and said hello, were extremely helpful and they took the extra steps needed to help us find our merchandise. Thank you to you all.

Back on feet

I want to thank all the young men in Gowen City, all the churches and all in East and West Cameron that prayed for me since I had my accident in January. I want to thank everyone for all their cards, prayers and meals. I want to thank everyone for everything they have done for me and for helping me getting back on my feet.