Hail to the chief

This is Chief John from Zerbe Township responding to "last patrol." Hey Einstein, Reading Anthracite is within Zerbe Township boundaries where the AOAA is also situated. Hint: If you don't have a permit, stay out of both or you will be cited. Have a great day, Frog. You are appreciated. Frog's take: Same to you, Chief.

Fresh with info

Frog, let me inform the caller that no one in the history of the world has ever been able to eliminate or destroy that piece of literature know as the Holy Bible, not will there ever be anyone. Satan can't even do it. Wise up already.

Piece of work

Frog, all I can say is Steve Bartos is a real piece of work. I have never seen anyone like him. I just don't understand how he can claim the city owes him $60,000. That is about a year and a half's salary that he is saying that he didn't get paid for. This is ridiculous.

Tough hire

So now Bartos is suing Shamokin. Maybe he can't get a job because no one will hire him. I sure wouldn't. Maybe instead of shoulder surgery he should have had a lobotomy.


I went to see The Moving Wall and it was a beautiful experience. Such a very solemn moment just to stand there and think of all those brave men who gave their lives for our country. We should feel very special to have had it in our own Shamokin area. God bless all who had a part and God bless all the volunteers. Thank you and I am very appreciative.