Just jealous

I am sick and tired of people talking about the ACCESS card. They must be jealous because they are not getting it. I am 72 years old. I worked all my life, and my Social Security does not pay for everything. So I am grateful for the ACCESS card. People who don't understand it should please stop nagging.

Private property

I saw in the paper - what a shame! - a young man died, and another young man was hurt in an ATV accident. When are we going to start prosecuting these out-of-towners who go onto private property with their ATV?


I am reading about Shamokin improvements. Sounds good. First, the $200,000 contribution for the Legion building. I hope an elevator can be installed. Then there is the $110,000 loan to tear three properties down. Then there is a debt of $58,000 owned to four companies. Plus, the cost of a code enforcement officer, and 50-cent raises for swimming pool employees. I can't wait to see my next tax bill.

Pay cut

If Mr. Bartos and Craig Rhoades have a problem paying the people who work in Shamokin, maybe they should rescind their pay raise.

South Shamokin

Where is the code enforcement officer? On the 300 and 400 blocks of South Shamokin Street, there is garbage all over the pavements. There are real animals on the 400 block which is making the whole area a disaster. I would approved the code enforcement officer doing something about it.

News choices

I have been scanning the news channels. I think it is a shame they think it is more important to cover the Zimmerman trial than the crisis in Egypt which might mean that everything goes sky high. I think the news media should cover things that are important to the people of the United States.

On disability

My brother is on disability. He had a stroke in 2000. He is embarrassed. His doctor said he can't go back to work or it will kill him. But he loves ticking off the neighbor down the block who keeps pestering him to go back to work so he can die early. Not everybody wants to be on disability.

Return ladder

To the person who took my 40-foot aluminum ladder in Kulpmont: Bring it back. I won't press charges. I need the ladder.

Loss of trees

I am calling about the environmentalists who are worried about climate change. They ought to worry about the number of trees cut down to publish The News-Item.

On probation

I wish someone would tell me how you could report someone who is on probation and is in the bar and drinking and driving. I would like someone to come and haul this girl out.

Major polluter

This is Obama's idea for clean air: Show down the coal-powered plants. There is nothing about the major polluter of our upper atmosphere which has a major effect on our weather patterns. I'm talking about the more than 85,000 daily air flights in the United States, plus the other flights around the world. No one talks about that. They should cut the air flights in half,.