Mr. Brightside

Congratulations to Mount Carmel Area Elementary School for making 15 out of 16 of the targets for AYP. People want to bash, but look at the bright side. This could be worse; look at our area.

Diaper bombs

I am biking down Route 61 right now toward Shamokin and I can't believe the amount of dirty diapers lying on the side of the road. To the people who do this, it takes trash to litter, and I suppose you are trash.

Long road

Once we elected an African-American president, I thought it indicated we had matured past race issues. Sadly, we have a long way to go.

Look closer

Please stop criticizing Mount Carmel Area School District because of the test scores. If you look, the elementary made it in every one but one, and that was special education.

God's ink

Don't like the tattoos or piercings, don't get any. Don't go judging people by the way they look; try getting to know them first. I find almost all tattoos and some piercings attractive. I myself have a few tattoos, more on the way. One thing I know for sure is I will only allow God to judge me.

Lots of work

Mr. Catino's project is great. But there have been many more improvements downtown. Warren Altomare and Costello invested huge amounts into the former Rite Aid, Joe Gushen and Ed Fegley Jr. restored the former Dollar General Building. Even more, Ed Fegley Sr., the guy with the big beige lift, has been painting properties downtown for the past two-plus years in his spare time, volunteering, asking only for a donation to Downtown Mount Carmel Inc. Frog's take: We've had some coverage of those projects, too. Thanks for pointing them out.


To whoever the proud owners are of the teenage boys in the 300 block of Main Street in Ranshaw, could you kindly do the rest of us a favor and give your sons a talking to about manners and proper behavior. Please ask your children to stop throwing garbage on our properties and please watch their filthy, disgusting mouths.

Big-time spender

Where are your tax dollars going? Currently the Obama administration is spending $684 million to promote Obamacare. Get that checkbook out, folks.