Which is it?

Obama says he doesn't watch the news because he already knows everything in the news, but every time there is a scandal, he says he learned about it from the news.

The dotted line

As far as gas being $10 a gallon in Europe, I do believe they have free health care, like we have. As far as not voting for Masser, I agree 100 percent, and don't vote for Gordner and Corbett, because he signed the bill. Frog's take: Who has free health care? Not many of us. If you do, consider yourself lucky.

Immigrant song

Thousands of European Muslim immigrants are protesting against Israel defending itself, but they are silent about ISIS and Syria killing hundreds of thousand of innocent women and children, not to mention all the Christian persecutions going on.

Darn tootin'

Someone said in Sound Off to blame Bush. Well, it all started with Bush and Cheney's war and going into a country under false pretenses. They cost American millions and, worst of all, the lives of many thousands. They started all the trouble in Iraq and shook up the Arab world. Today, everyone is paying for the unrest and trouble. Blame Bush? You are darn right, blame Bush!


Thousands of freshmen will soon go off to college safely covered under their family health insurance policy, my grandson among them, thanks to Obamacare. The Republicans are still trying to take that away. Shame on them.


The Islamic sympathizer in the White House just gave the Palestinians $300 million more to fight our ally, Israel, but he wouldn't give the Ukraine any money. All he gave them were MREs. What a goofball.

Rough block

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed how the block downtown between the former Fun Zone and the Dollar General is always strewn with litter? Please, let's have some pride in our town.

Into the dirt

George W. Bush was handed a balanced budget with a surplus. He turned that into the great recession. He started two unnecessary wars, which cost us $50 billion a week. He drove the economy into the ground. The effects of his ineptness will be felt for years to come. Yes, he is to blame.

Makes you sick

Wow! Mr. McCarthy's editorial about Harrisburg politics is a real eye-opener. The gas drillers are getting a huge tax break, the welfare spending is out of control and eats up almost half of the budget and the politicians want to raise the sales tax and start taxing everything, including food and clothing. It makes me sick.

Maybe more aid

Long live Coalandia. Great idea. Then we could get more disaster aid from the federal government and cut out the big shots in Harrisburg.