Free labor

I agree with the calls against the prisoners and their wants and needs. Why don't they put them to work for the people who are supporting them? Like they could shovel the sidewalks, cut grass and even do housecleaning. This way they can earn their keep.

My hero

I would like to thank Officer John of the Zerbe Township Police Department for opening my locked car door. What a pleasant officer. He was my hero that day.

Mistaken for strangers

Rick, this is the third time I said I called and you still didn't make it up to Oneida Street to clean up this rat's nest. Let's go before there is a fire and somebody gets killed. Let's go, Rick. Do your job. Frog's take: Um, I'm not Rick. I'm the other guy with a thankless job.

What do they think?

What do you think the countries surrounding Syria think of us, the richest country in the world, as they accept millions of people escaping violence?

Clown town

All those clowns in Harrisburg are good for is figuring out more ways to take more of our money. Why don't they start cutting their pensions and giving up all their freebies? Then maybe we wouldn't be paying such sky-high taxes.

Men in mirror

I, for one, think Clausi and Bridy better start looking at some of the things they are doing before they start criticizing other people within the county. They have cost the county more money than they think they have saved it.

Hot cot lot pot

About the prisoner's demands: Something that comes to mind that I have heard over the years is three hots and a cot and that is all you deserve.


Vinny, do the two things you are good at: Make pizza and make trouble. Let the warden run the jail. Stay out of his business.

Force fed

I feel so bad for the prisoners that are being forced to pay $16 for cable. I am being forced to pay more than $80.

Eight is enough

How can a person have eight kids and another one on the way? Welfare pays for all these kids to be born. Why can't they make her get fixed? She doesn't need that many kids. She doesn't even raise the ones she has. Someone else has some of them. They don't even have a decent living.

Spreading the love

This is to the person who referred to God's Chuck Wagon as feeding the rats. You can't see what they are doing? They are not asking for proof of income. They are there for anybody. If you call yourself a Christian or if you are a believer, they are not out there just feeding people; they are out there spreading the love of God.

Pay up

I would like to know who is paying for this Kaleta's lawyers. The taxpayers or him? Frog's take: Not the taxpayers.

Added demands

The inmates would like to add these demands: Food truck in the afternoon, Mr. Softee in the evening, a birthday cake along with a party at Knoebels, and an anniversary gift for every 10 years spent in prison.


To the person who is complaining about the parking ticket fines going from $7 to $10. Why don't they just put a quarter in it and you won't have to worry about paying a parking ticket fine. Don't be so darn cheap and put a quarter in it.

Sunshine ice cream

One of your headlines was Mr. Softee. When I was a kid, if you didn't have any money, all you had to do was sing a song. My song was, "You are my Sunshine." Since I grew up (I am quite old now), he was my sunshine, and a free ice cream was no problem. But at that time, ice creams were 10 cents. Things were different back in those days.

Teflon don

Our president knows how to handle a world crisis: Either you go to a Democratic fundraiser or to the golf course. He ought to be sent to a school in Israel to learn some good, practical lessons.