Twist and shout

Here is one worth conversation and possibly comments in Sound Off: How many of you people here in the U.S. actually believe that the unemployment numbers in the nation are only 6.3 percent, or is this just a number coming out of Washington that is twisted?

Born and raised

I am calling about the parade and the whole celebration: It was wonderful. I was born and raised in Shamokin and still live in Coal Township, and I really enjoyed the celebration and the fireworks. They were really great. I just think some of the other people shouldn't be doing fireworks. They are a little dangerous. Just leave it up to the professionals up on the coal bank.

Think positive

Thanks to Bill Dudeck and his helpers and those who helped sponsor the groups for the parade. How great to have something positive for a change. Could you publish where the people can send a donation? Some people from out of town want to know how to help with the expenses.

Wheels on the bus

A heartfelt thank-you to the people at Rite Aid who came to the aid of the God's Chuck Wagon bus when we really needed it. Goodness just comes from all directions. Thank you, guys, and God bless.

No respect

The photo of the Kulpmont meeting on the front page of The News-Item on Wednesday shows a very disrespectful council. You have one who is on her cell phone, then you have another one staring into space and not even looking at the person speaking. What was so important that that cell phone needed to be in her hand?

Thank them all

Please give credit where credit is due. There would not have been a Fifth Ward Parade Committee if not for Billy Milbrand and the 150th Anniversary Committee. They worked hand-in-hand, so please thank them all.

Trash man

I agree with 'enough already.' Fireworks are not a necessity. Neither are shrimp, crab, lobster, steak and pets, but a garbage man is. Obviously, it means welfare recipients are getting too much money when they can afford the luxuries the working man can't. Shovels and brooms are also a necessity.

An Army of one

Iraq needs help. I strongly suggest that we equip Barack Obama with a slingshot, sword, a pair of combat boots and a golf club and send him to Iraq for the duration of his presidential term.

Size matters

I see the sewer plant project is 65 percent completed. Wait until it is finished. Our rates will go up and stay up. Another government project for the poor to pay for.

Just sports

To all the high school football fans out there: They are just high school kids. They are not professional athletes. Quit treating the high school program like it is a professional sport.

Stuck with bag

Boy, is it ever quiet down at Kulpmont's East End Fire Company. They defaulted on the federal loan for the red herring they built, all the trustees resigned, and everybody's jaws got real tight. Mum's the word; don't ask, don't tell. So who got stuck holding the bag with this mess?

Fat cat strut

Obama and his crew have everything to do with the stock market. The market is high because the treasury is flooding the market with $53 billion dollars. Don't forget, the fat cats on Wall Street and his Hollywood friends are giving him lots of money to fundamentally change America.

Mr. Nice Guy

Thanks again to the fine gentlemen in the Weis plaza Wednesday for not only allowing me to get ahead of him, but proceeding to pay for my fruit.

Roll me over

You are so right, caller. The goal of the ACLU is destroy America using our own legal system and our own Constitution to do it. They pervert the rule of law and interpret the Constitution in a way that would make our forefathers roll in their graves and Obama is right in their pocket.