Leaders Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Castro believed in disarming the population and murdering millions of their own citizens. Slaves are not allowed to be armed.

Do not touch

Four days after the snowstorm and there is at least 300 sidewalks not shoveled (in Mount Carmel). They won't be touched all winter.

Tire slime

To the person who slashed the tires on my grandson's truck: If you don't have the guts to talk to me or say something to me to my face, you are not a man, you are slime. Frog's take: That's right, handle it man-to-man, with a Sound Off call.

Just pathetic

It is time to get rid of all these school board members who have served for years and years and years. Mr. Gurski's letter is evidence of that, and I feel very sad for him. It is time to go in another direction. The political corruption and the agendas that these board members have is just pathetic.

Weak sidewalks

I would like to know when Mount Carmel Township is going to get after people with these sidewalks. It has been over a week and you still can't walk the sidewalks.

New Year's Eve

I want to thank Father Karwacki for having a beautiful Mass on New Year's Eve at 7 p.m. It really helped some people who couldn't get to church over the holidays. Thanks again, father.

Playing hookey

I see school kids are running around the Fifth Ward when school is in session. The parents probably don't care if they go to jail. The cops never patrol around here and if you call the school all you get is the computer system. So, if you don't what to send your kids to school, send them to the Fifth Ward of Shamokin and let them run around.

On the scene

This is for all you anti-gun people: It's 3:30 in the dark of the night and you hear someone break into your house. You pick up the bedside phone and call 911. Don't you want someone with a gun to come and protect you? That's why police carry them. Well, you have the same rights they do, and you're already on the scene of the crime.

Junk trunk

Jenna's column about what was inside her purse was hilarious. She really made my day. I couldn't stop laughing. I am older than Jenna, so I have learned my lesson. The bigger the purse, the more junk you carry. Keep up the good work, Jenna. That was really funny.

Keep on moving

Have all rental properties inspected when tenant moves in or out. In my block there is an apartment building that has not been inspected in 10 years that I know of. Yet, people move in and no one stays long because the building is in deplorable condition. In 2012, three different tenants moved in and moved out with no inspections.

Now read this

I would everyone to read this: Put God back in schools, and not police officers. We need God back in the schools. They chased Him out, they did away with His picture and they did away prayers in the mornings. Our government is doing the same thing.