Window shopping

I am calling from Mount Carmel. I am not a fan of wearing pajamas in public, but the last few weeks my husband has gotten up early, even on his days off, to go to Turkey Hill and get me coffee, so I was beginning to wonder if he was having an affair with the cashier. So I followed him. And lo and behold, a white souped-up car pulls up and out stepped this young girl in boots, short pajama shorts and this off-the-shoulder sweatshirt. The men standing outside open the door for her, pay for her coffee and then watch her leave. Then my husband gets in his truck and drives back home. For the first time in 12 years, my husband goes and gets me coffee. So, to the girl in the white car: please keep wearing your pajamas. Frog's take: Nice!


I agree 100 percent with the letter to the editor in Tuesday's paper from Garth Hall, especially taking legal action if appropriate, and to lay off any employees who in any way manipulated funds or falsely reported the finances to the public and members of council.

In verse

As a Christian, I wanted to say that I really appreciate that you still put the Bible verse in the paper every day and I hope you continue to keep doing that. Also, I just loved Jenna's last column. I thought it was really great.

It's a sin

I am calling about the Mount Carmel pool. I think it is a darn sin that this has to be closed. A couple of years ago they had to close the baby pool. How can you take your children there? Many of us mothers used to sit down there with our babies at the pool and relax. Years ago, that was an ongoing thing every weekend.

Dillinger plan

Someone in Sound Off wanted to know why they keep raising the taxes on homeowners. John Dillinger was asked why he robbed banks. His answer: That is where the money is.

Community asset

I am calling about Club Echo. I went there last night to pick my granddaughter up and, you know, that place is immaculate. Five dollars cover charge is worth it. The kids are off the street and they are being taken care of. Why are people picking on that place? They watch the kids, they walk them out when they are done and the parents are ready to pick them up. What is the big deal? They have a place to go to. Is that so wrong?

We were ... !

When coach Bill O'Brien came to Penn State, he told the football players to hang tough, play hard and stay with the Penn State football program and he would be alongside them all the way. They believed in him, the student body believed in him. Now he accepts the first NFL job he is offered. Frog's take: Well, it is time to get that statue of Joe Paterno out of storage and give it the head coaching job. That seems like the only thing that would make some fans happy. I don't blame O'Brien for leaving.

Take a cut

Instead of rasing taxes, why don't the commissioners and municipal employees take a pay cut and pay more toward their medical care? That would save a lot of money. Frog's take: Are you willing to tell your boss you're taking a pay cut and paying more for your health care?