By the wayside

Thursday's editorial essentially derided Gov. Corbett's Lone Ranger decision to contract the state Lottery to a private enterprise. In speaking of expanding the Lottery, and the social and public policy repercussions, you rightly opined, "... that should not be left to a private enterprise interested in profit." I submit that should also apply to prisons, schools, highways, Social Security, Medicare and more. When the motive is profit, the original intent is often, if not always, left by the wayside, and it's the working folks that get the shaft.

Prevailing wind

Kudos to Kenn Splitt. His letter to the editor was a succinct, concise statement, offering a simple, civil view of the current brouhaha over the rights implied in our Second Amendment. I'll hope, along with you, Kenn, that common sense soon returns to our legislators, and, this nasty, contentious mob, that has swayed the prevailing wind for far too long, evolves into a productive, balanced institution.

Hot breakfast

In regards to all the comments lately regarding the breakfasts being served in schools, first of all, I used to have a full-time job until my employer merged with another company, but while I was fully employed, I still provided my children with a hot breakfast every morning. Now that I'm not working, I still provide my children with a hot breakfast every morning. But some mothers work different shifts and cannot make their children breakfast because they are already at work, so don't judge them.

Clash of the titans

Kaleta and Clausi clash. Clausi and Shoch clash. What next? Clausi and Clausi clash? I know there are other people out there who must feel exactly as I do. I am totally sick of these shenanigans. That is why we are not progressing in this area. I am totally sick of it.

Parking option

In response to the caller not wanting to pay for leased parking in front of their properties: No one would be required to purchase the guaranteed area. It would be a homeowner's option. But just imagine the peace of mind it could bring you not having to worry whether or not the area you spent shoveling out the night before would be there for you after a trip to the grocery store or a hard day's work.

Through the hoop

Once again the ring master is in the center of the circus. Kaleta had every right to voice his opinion, and not just for two minutes.

Retired military

This is in reference to the Shamokin Area School District and them hiring armed officers. I think all these schools, if they are going hire armed patrols, should think about hiring retired military who are qualified in probably everything from a Glock to a 60-caliber machine gun.

Big bucks

Shamokin City Council will end up paying over $200,000 for ripping that building down on Sunbury Street. For that price you can almost rip down the Empire State Building.

Club rules

I read in the paper that the Fairview Gun Club is looking for a liquor license. I want to know how that is going to work when they don't allow women in their clubhouse. Isn't that discrimination?


Greg Maresca should be banned from The News-Item.

Laughing stock

Northumberland County commissioners, don't you think the Sunbury Police have better things to do? You are elected public officials. How about discussing jobs and industry instead of nonsense at these meetings? Grow up, do your job or resign.